Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Two Finishes!

I've been very busy this past week trying to get some things finished.  Two of the things are completely finished. 

Weston's new baby quilt
This quilt is to replace the 'girl' quilt I made.  The doctor was WRONG!  Instead of the baby girl the doctor told them they were having, they had a boy instead.  I get to meet Weston for the first time, and give him his quilt next week. 

Weston's big sister has never received a quilt from me.  Of course, that had to be remedied.  Mady likes the color 'teal' and likes camouflage.  I think this quilt takes care of both.  It also has 'pockets' for half square triangles.
Mady's quilt
Half Square triangle 'pockets'

Mady's quilt is really lighter than the top photo shows.  I finished the binding as it was getting dark, and we aren't expected to have sunshine for days (snow expected tomorrow night).  I had to make do with indoor, evening shots.  Both of these quilts have been washed and are ready for their new owners.

I've also machine quilted another quilt, and have the binding ready to attach for it.  There is also another quilt waiting for it's binding.  Maureen quilted this quilt for me (THANKS MAUREEN)!  I'll get pictures of both of these quilts when the binding is done.


  1. You have been busy...great finishes!

  2. These are two wonderful finishes! I adore Weston's quilt -- how sweet you'll be able to gift it to him yourself!! :)

  3. You really accomplished a lot getting these both done, Love the little pockets in Maddy's quilt.

  4. You've been sewing up a storm! Two great finishes. I know your grandchildren will love them.

  5. Congrats on the finishes!
    All my sewing is done in the dark since the time change, so my photos are not good these days :(

  6. Darling Deer! That is definitely a boy quilt.
    And the Mady quilt is so fun. Love all the little treasure pockets.

  7. I think you have been busy! The deer quilt is so great for a boy.

  8. Wow, you are really moving along fast! Getting a good picture when things are just finished in time can be quite a challenge. The one I am working on now may have a weather challenge at the end when it comes to documenting the work.

  9.'ve been super busy with making that many quilts. You don't here often the doctors getting the sex of a child wrong. Did they decorate for a girl etc in the nursery? Were they disappointed in that they were prepared for a girl, name and clothes etc? LOVE the baby quilt, so unusual, it will be quite a keepsake for them. The teal quilt is also very nice.
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