Friday, June 24, 2011

Santa block and a Mini Quilt Show

Santa block exchange block in progress
 I've never done fuseable applique before.  This is my first attempt.  I am in a Santa block exchange with one of my quilt guilds.  This is my second block set.  I signed up for 2 sets.  I am making 12 of these blocks.  I cut and sewed the background squares at sew-in yesterday.  I had already prepared the fuseable pieces last week.  I ironed this one onto the block and sewed a blanket stitch all around him last night.  I was watching (listening only, really) the movie 'Six Days, Seven Nights' while I sewed the blanket stitch.  It took me almost the whole movie to sew around this applique.  Whew!  Only 11 more to sew.  Oh yea, did I mention that I still have to sew buttons onto the block?  I hate to sew buttons.

THRIFT STORE FIND!  Look what I found at a local thrift store this week.  A Franciscan Desert Rose Thimble.  After doing a little online research, I discovered that this is from the Franklin Mint (1980).  The box is missing it's bottom.  I found prices on the internet ranging from $55 to a whopping $122.50.  WOW!  I wanted it because my mother-in-law has a whole collection of Desert Rose, and she has turned me onto them, too.  I now have a collection of my own, thanks to a co-worker of my hubby's who didn't want her grandmothers set.  Did I mention that I only paid $1.61 for this thimble?

Desert Rose Thimble
Christopher's quilt

my parents wedding gift quilt

I had some quilts in a quilt show last weekend.  The Quilter's Dozen has a quilt show every year during the Prairie Fest in Oswego.  The Quilter's Dozen is a group of hand quilters that has been meeting for years.  They do lovely work.  Their raffle quilt is labeled below.  Look closely at the hand quilting in the center of the raffle quilt.  It's beautiful.  Sadly, I didn't win the raffle quilt again.  I'll try again next year.
 The quilt show is not for prizes.  I showed the quilt I made for my son when he graduated high school a few years ago.  It is the blue 'space theme' quilt.  I also showed the quilt that my great-grandmother made and gave to my parents as a wedding gift.  My parents were married 51 years ago tomorrow. 

Below are many more of the quilts from the show.  The show is in a tiny one room school house that is now a museum. 

Raffle quilt

Raffle quilt center

my Crazy quilt on rack

Quilter's Dozen quilt in progress
If you've made it this far, don't forget to enter my first ever giveaway here.


  1. Just an idea for the buttons --- What if you put the buttons in a little zip lock bag and pin it to the block as some people don' like the embellishments on their quilt top before quilting. It would save you from sewing them all on the block! Great quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful quilt show! Your Santa block is wonderful!

    Whoop Whoop!

  3. Cute Santa block! Enjoyed the unexpected quilt show, too - wow! and a Whoop.

  4. Your Santa block is adorable! Great job on the blanket stitch :)
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful quilt show. There are some amazingly talented women in your area.

  5. I have thimble envy right now. I also have the Desert Rose pattern and love it, but have never seen the thimble. Very sweet. Some

  6. Whoop whoop on that Santa block - too cute!! And thanks for sharing all the eye candy!!

  7. Santa is soooooo cute! I love fusible applique, I honestly don't do it any other way. The quilt show was fabulous, thanks for sharing!!

  8. Great job with the applique! What a fabulous find at the thrift store. Lucky you!

  9. Thanks for the virtual quilt show, it is fabulous. the santa blocks are adorable too!

  10. Thanks for the quilt show.
    Love your santa block. have you tried listening to books on tape while you quilt. I love it. I feel more productive than when I listen to the TV in the background. Kinda like multitasking but not. Selina

  11. Such beautiful quilts! Love the Santa block :)


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