Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

Churchill teapot

 This is one of my newer teapots.  I found this in a thrift store and snatched it up quickly.  Winston Churchill as a teapot.  Isn't cute!

Look what came in the mail yesterday.  Australian Homespun The Blue Issue.  It has an 8 page spread on Bonnie Hunter.  I know another Treadle On lady that lives in Australia.  We decided to have a magazine exchange.

Don't forget to sign up for my very first giveaway here!  Have a great day!


  1. What a wonderful teapot to add to your collection! And so patriotic for this time of year :)

  2. Amazing teapot! I also have a copy of the Australian Homespun magazine. Love Bonnie's quilt.

  3. wow, love the teapot! I don't collect them but if I had seen Winston I would have snapped him up too.

    I don't collect them precisely because I love ALL of them. I do have Grandma's McCormick's teapot (we're from Baltimore, so that's meaningful) and a lovely teapot shaped like dragon. and one decorated in Britain and shipped over here to be sold for the war effort (WWII). and a few more. but I don't collect. oh no. can't go there!

  4. Isn't Bonnie fantastic...love the ease of her quilts...hugs Khris


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