Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Teapot Tuesday! and a special gift, too!

Elephant teapot
 It was a busy week, last week, but, I found time to go shopping between things.  I saw the elephant teapot at an antique shop next to my LQS last week.  My mother collects elephants, so I just had to have this teapot (no, she doesn't get this one).  I think I need to find some fun 'elephant' material to make a 'teapot' rug for it to sit on.

'Stratford' teapot (England)
 I found the Stratford teapot from England at a thrift store.  I see lots of teapots at thrift stores, but, I don't buy them very often.  This one I wanted.  It has more flowers on the back.  I can actually make 'tea' in both of these teapots, unlike some of the ones I find.  Anyone want a 'cuppa'? 

Greist Decorative Zigzagger
The last picture shows a 'Greist Decorative Zigzagger' that arrived in my mail box Monday.  Yvonne contacted me last week to see if I had found one of these yet.  She had one, and, sweet person that she is, she mailed it to me as a gift!  Isn't she sweet!?!  THANK YOU YVONNE!  There are 5 different 'discs' that make different decorative zigzag stitches. 

Later this week, I'll post about my weekend adventures.  Just wait until you see my ten cent quilts!  I still have to take pictures.


  1. very cool. which machine does it fit?

  2. Love the elepant teapot! Such finds you manage.

  3. adorable teapots. the Greist zigzagger is pretty neat, I have never seen one of those. Will you be test driving it for us?

  4. Does this Griest zigzagger work on treadle sewing machines?


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