Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


I just had to show my dogs all dressed up to help hand out candy.  Katie is a Lobster.  She sat on my lap most of the evening.  We sat outside on the porch, with the chiminea  keeping us warm.  Padfoot (yes, named after the character in Harry Potter) was a yellow submarine.  I've been humming that tune all evening.  I don't usually dress my dogs up, but, once a year, on Halloween, they get to play along with the others who dress up. 
'Yellow Submarine'

I found a great costume this year, but, I got home too late to put it on.  I guess I'll get to be Snow White next year, instead. 

Hope you Halloween was fun, too!


  1. so funny - great for the kids to see too!

  2. Very cute costumes. Your doggies don't seem to mind. They probably like being fussed over :)


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