Monday, October 24, 2011

Treadle Tuesday and some fun stuff.

White Rotary FR3020554 (before)
 No, these lovely machines aren't mine :( Waa!  I cleaned them up for a friend.  Bonita owns a quilt shop in Batavia, IL, and she lets our Quilts of Valor group use her classroom once a month for sew-in.  Bonita has these machines in her quilt shop, but, she'd like to be able to use the treadle.  I spent the day cleaning these machines for her.  First, I worked on the White Rotary (it's like my White Rotary, except that she has the full treadle, mine is only the head).  This machine already moved nicely, it just needed cleaning and oiling.
White Rotary (after)

Gritzner Durlach Handcrank #1126116 (before)
 The second machine, a hand crank, didn't move at all.  I wasn't sure I could get it to move, but, I knew I could at least clean it up.  This machine was really dirty.  The wheel and the hand crank wouldn't move at all.  Many of the parts were stuck on the machine.  I took my time, and lots of Liquid Wrench to get the parts off this machine.  I used LOTS of oil on this little lady.  Her hand crank was frozen stiff.  I finally got enough oil in the correct places, that she finally started to move.  This machine took most of my time, but, she was worth it.  When I left, she turned freely.  All in all, it was a day well spent.
Gritzner hand crank (after)

Several of the ladies from Quilts of Valor were also there.  They decided to have a 'cut-in' while I was cleaning the machines.  They cut lots of pieces for quilt kits for our next sew-in.  Thanks for keeping me company, girls.
Gritzner handcrank (after)
Toy Story characters in car window
Lastly, my hubby and I were out on Saturday and saw these Toy Story characters in the back window of a car.  I just had to take a picture.  Every time I think of these characters, I think 'Ooo, the claw'.


  1. You do such fantastic work on the old machines - they just seem to glow with love when you are done with them. I have been refering you to some bloggers who are purchasing "new" old machines and need advice.

  2. Nice work - it's so nice to see the before pictures as well as the after.

  3. Very nice, and I bet your work was very much appreciated!

  4. I love the Toy Story movies.

    The machines are beautiful. =) Don't you wish you could hear the stories they could tell?

  5. ooohhh, that Gritzner! What a beauty! You are doing great work out there, and I'm sure the treadle fairies will reward you!

  6. Ooooh, I collect old sewing machines, so really enjoyed these pics. I have several that were really shabby before I gave them a good cleaning.


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