Sunday, June 10, 2012

100th Post, New Machines & Fun Finds!

This is my 100th post!  I should probably do something special for it, but, I've been too tired to even think of what to do.  Maybe I'll have a giveaway later in the summer to celebrate. 

I have two new (to me) sewing machines.  Woohoo! 
1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank

hand crank & bobbins for Singer 15-88

1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank
If this was an original hand crank, it would be a model 15-89, not a 15-88.  I think this machine had a motor attached, then was converted to a hand crank.  There are no decals on the hand crank, so, I think it is a reproduction hand crank.  The decals are in wonderful shape.  It didn't come with any attachments other than the sewing foot and extra bobbins.  I have a 1896 Singer 15 treadle that I love to sew on.  I'm sure I'll have fun with this machine, too.  This machine has reverse, just like my Spartan hand crank.  My Singer 15 treadle doesn't have this feature (it's too old, this is a newer feature).  I love the bag that the hand crank came in.  I haven't tried to sew on it yet.  I've only had time to date her, and download the manual. 

I also got this new (to me) machine.
Super Deluxe Precision Built sewing machine

Serial #C34422, Made in Japan

Home Mark, made in Japan

Precision Sewing Machine (Home Mark) Super Deluxe

knob adjusts the height of the feed dogs

no foot, no needle, has light on back

wires to motor have been cut, plug is for light, I think

foot control needs new wiring, Accessory box only held bobbins and bobbin case
 All I know about this machine is that it was made in Japan.  I think it might be a Singer 15 'clone' machine.  I don't have a manual, and it needs either rewiring, or to be converted to a hand crank.  I didn't have a extension cord handy, so, I don't know if the light still works or not.  This machine didn't come with a needle or a foot.  I'm sure I can get both from my 'parts lady'.  I'm more interested in a manual so that I can thread the machine.  I can always 'borrow' a foot from another machine.  Good thing I have enough machines to borrow parts from ; ).  If I can figure out how to rewire this machine (and if the motor works), I'd like to keep this machine electric. 

I also found a few things at garage sales this week.  First is this cute sewing box with a Singer machine on top (looks like a 66 to me).  All the items inside are brand new. 
Singer sewing box

inside of Singer sewing box
I found an old sewing box with some great things inside it.  These are my favorite items from the box.  Of course, being a native Texan (even if I don't currently live there), I just had to have this cute thimble.
a Texas thimble shaped like a cowboy hat

pin cushion

button hole scissors
I didn't know what the scissors were for.  Hubby checked on the internet for me, and said that they are button hole scissors.  Wiki even tells how to use these scissors here.  These will go great with one of my vintage button holer's. 


  1. Your blue machine is a singer clone class15 machine. If you google 'free class 15 sewing machine manual', you will find how to thread it and how to insert needle and bobbin. When the patent for Singer ran out Japan took off making clones, and sold them to individual companies and retailers who added the 'badge'. In your case, a company called Home Mark. Those machines are wonderful. I just donated my blue Precision Deluxe sewing machine yesterday.

  2. Great finds! Have fun with them.

  3. The button hole scissors is a new one for me. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Oh, wonderful finds - love that thimble, of course you had to have that! The Singer looks in great shape, and the blue one is kind of pretty, too. Part of collecting fun is borrowing parts from one machine for another. =)

  5. Cheryl,

    I just recently acquired one exactly like yours at a church sale for $15.00. Mine is in a nice cabinet. It is badged a "Universal Electric Sewing Machine, Super Deluxe) made in Japan by Standard Sewing Equipment Corp. Am looking for a date of manufacture and will let you know if I find one. Did yours have a model or serial # anywhere on it? Only number I found on mine was stamped into the bottom of the machine F/0009. I have to replace the cord for the light, but otherwise everything looks ok. I have a manual that came with mine, let me know if you can't find one and I'll try to copy and e-mail it to you. Manual says it takes a 15x1 needle and it appears it will take a low shank foot. Nothing fancy since it only does straight stitch forward and reverse. Mine sews like a charm, beautiful even stitches. Oh, by the way, don't take that knob that controls the feeds dogs apart. I did and can't get it back together the right way. Had to finagle with screws and such from the bottom to get the dogs to rise to proper level and they will just have to stay there. Also that stitch length lever plate. I am trying to adjust it, think I didn't pay enough attention when I disassembled it. Live and learn.


  6. I can send you the link or the pdf for the manual, it's on the ismacs site, caller the ha-1 Love the super -duper-extra precision-stuff on all these clones- too cute!

  7. Oh, no! Now my life will not be complete until I find a pair of buttonhole scissors! But thanks to you at least I know what I am looking for.

    Love the pretty clones, I have several and one of them is my go-to piecing machine. Another one will eventually become a dedicated FMQ machine--they were BORN to free motion!

  8. Lucky happy YOU!!! think I'll get up and run to a Friday Garage sale.....

  9. Cheryl,
    The Home Mark was probably made by Brother. Does it have any markings on the bottom of the machine? I can with 99% certainty guarantee it will FM beautifully, feed dogs up or down, these machines aren't picky about the great stitching they will do. It will take the same low shank straight stitch feet as the Singer, threading is the same too. It takes the standard two plug cord block most machines use too. You are welcome to email me with any other ??s. I love, love my Japanese machines.


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