Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another quilt top done, etc.

I've been busy since I finished Intertwined.   First, I've been cleaning house.  I was way behind on my cleaning duties.  That has been taken care of.  We will have a house full on Sunday evening, so, I had to clean. 

I have been busy in the sewing room, in between cleaning stints.  I had 15 of the 16 blocks needed to make another Rectangle Island quilt.  The first Rectangle Island is back from the quilters and waiting for binding.  Well, I made the last block, and put all the blocks together, to make a smaller quilt top.  I also made the binding for both of these quilts.  I don't know when the 2nd Rectangle Island will get quilted.  It will wind up a charity quilt, most likely.
another Rectangle Island quilt, smaller than the first one
The first Rectangle Island quilt was 5 blocks by 7 blocks.  After making the binding, using leftover strips and pieces of strips, I'm almost out of this fabric.  Almost all of this fabric was given to me on Freecycle, back in January.  I'll pass what scraps I have left, on to another quilter.

I've also started working on another project.  My little quilt guild issued a challenge.  We have to make a 12.5" square 'Bunny' block.  This is what I've come up with, so far.

Wego Quiltin' Bunny block for challenge
 I still need to stitch the pieces down with the blanket stitch, and applique the bunny's whiskers and mouth on.  The eyes will be buttons.  This is the 'pattern' I'm following.
pattern drawing of Bunny face

Bunny pattern
 I also plan on adding some flowers.  I'm still deciding what material to use for the flowers.  I've already traced the flowers and the flower centers onto fusible.  These bunnies will also be used in my Christmas mini quilts that I usually make every year.  I need more background fabric, but, I have found some great backing and binding to go with these blocks. 

I won't get much sewing done in the next few days (gotta do lots and lots of cooking), but, I am hoping to go to a quilt show in Ottawa, IL on Saturday morning.  Our church is also having it's 'Wild Game Dinner' on Saturday evening.  This is an annual event, where members make foods using 'wild game' (deer, elk, duck, etc).  I'm making 2 desserts and 4 pans of appetizers.  On Sunday evening, the deacons and the ministers and all of their wives will be at our home for supper.  See, I told you I had lots of cooking to do. 


  1. Love the soft blues and browns. What a cute bunny and challenge. Enjoy time away from the machine - we get too glued to them sometimes.

  2. All that going ... and you are still finding time for putting these treasures together! Great going.

  3. You've been busy! You are not the only one behind on cleaning. I seem to stay that way. I have to invite someone over to get motivated to clean.

    I like the quilt top you finished. It looks like a man could use that one, even though I see a few flowers. Great colors!

  4. That's some Wild Hare you are making... love the design.
    Have fun at your church dinner.

  5. Your bunny is going to be so cute. I like the colors you used in the rectangle quilt, it's very pretty.


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