Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quilt Guild program & shirt update

Last night was my little quilt guild meeting, Wego Quiltin'.  Due to illness in the family, I was a quick substitute fill-in program.  I was supposed to be the program for March, but, hadn't 'tested' my project yet.  I found out on Saturday, that I was filling in. 

I 'prepped' my project samples during the Superbowl, Sunday evening.  I was planning on finishing the samples on Monday, but, wasn't sure they would get done, since my puppy was ill.  She was at the vet all day on Monday, getting tests run, then IV fluids and meds.  She has pancreatitis.  It explains why she hasn't been wanting to be in my sewing room with me, like usual, but, has hid out in my son's room (dark and quiet) during the day, and why she hasn't wanted her food.  It is a  painful condition.
Katie, recovering this morning
I'm skipping the Quilts of Valor monthly sew-in today, to keep an eye on her.  Other than to eat, she hasn't moved out of her bed all morning. 

Since I was stressed, and waiting to hear back (several times) from the vet on Monday, I stitched my projects. 
stitching ribbon bookmarks on the hand crank

24 ribbon bookmarks (they just need buttons)
I got the idea from Sharon, at Vrooman's Quilts blog.  Sharon got the idea from Sparkles of Sunshine blog.  I copied and pasted her tutorial (including the link to her tutorial) for my ladies, so that they can make these themselves.  Thanks Christi, for a great tutorial!

I didn't think I'd get the buttons sewn on, so, I was planning on taking buttons, thread and needles to the meeting, and letting the ladies sew on the buttons, but, it didn't take as long as I thought it would take (I'm a very slow button stitcher).  I got all 24 buttons picked out (the hard part) and sewn on each bookmark.
paperback size

paperback size

larger book size

larger book size
I even found time to take some 'freebie table' blocks....
freebie table block
and sew them together, and make a fabric bookmark, to fit my quilting pattern books.
pieced fabric bookmark

back of pieced fabric bookmark
I would suggest that if you make a fabric bookmark, that you use some type of interfacing, to give the fabric some stiffness.  I didn't do that, since I was short on time.

25 bookmarks, and time out to go make copies of the tutorial, and run errands.  Pretty good!

I let each lady at the guild meeting choose a bookmark for themselves.  I suggested that next time they give a quilt book (or any book) to someone, that they make one of these to go with the book.  I did do a demo, to show them how to measure, to fit each book. 

I contacted 'Life is Good' yesterday, about the shirt.

I got an email back from their legal department:

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you for contacting us. The shirt you are describing is in no way affiliated with Life is Good and the seller was illegally promoting fake product. Our legal team is aware of this issue and is taking appropriate action.
You may receive in your Facebook news feeds advertisements of counterfeit “Life is Good” products from companies called “Camping and Hiking” and “Crochet & Knit Lover”. These counterfeit products are offered through print-on-demand sites such as Tee Omega, Tee Spring and Tee Chip.
Please be aware that these are NOT authentic Life is Good products. No authentic “Life is Good Products” are offered through such sites.
We are sorry for the confusion that these companies actions have caused. Copying may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it is none-the-less dishonest and illegal.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with this matter.
Do what you love. Love what you do.
Customer Care Support
The Life is Good Company
Phone: 888-339-2987

How sad that people are stealing this companies copyright.  Yes, I used a tutorial for something, BUT, I gave credit to where I got it from, and have even posted a comment on her blogpost, that I used it and linked back to her.  Credit where credit is due.  I try to link back, whenever I use someone's idea.  If I copy something, I include the link to where I found it, so I'll know, if I ever use the idea.

I guess I won't be getting one of these shirts, but, now that they know there is interest, maybe they will make something, sewing related, in the future. 

Have a great day!   I have a sick puppy to watch over.  I'm sure I'll get some sewing done while she sleeps.


  1. Hope sick puppy is better soon.It is awful to see them suffer.
    Your program sounds great! A very good idea for a hands on demo night.
    There is so much stealing out there now....even my marked photos have been stolen and used for other things! Good to know to check things out first. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sweet bookmarks! I haven't seen one of those before. Sorry to hear about your little companion. We've had to treat that condition in our dogs before, and it is expensive and painful for all of us. Hope she's back on her paws soon! Didn't catch the posts about the shirt, but glad you resolved it.

  3. Hope Katie is better today. Those are cute bookmarks - I'll go look at the tutorial. That shirt had me fooled - I thought it was a real Life is Good shirt. I do wish they would make some sewing/quilting shirts. I think they would sell pretty easily. ~Jeanne

  4. I had no idea someone could copy right the phrase "life is good". I love the book marks!

  5. Sorry your pup is feeling poorly and hope she recovers soon. Those bookmarks are great - look at you go with them. Yeah, I love buttons, but the sewing them on part - not so much.

  6. Cute bookmarks. Sorry your furbaby isn't feeling well.

  7. I hope your pup is feeling better. Those are very cute bookmarks!

  8. So sorry to hear that your puppy is sick. Hope she gets to feeling better real soon. I love the idea of the button bookmarks. That is such a clever idea and I had never seen it before. Thanks for the link and for doing such a great job on short notice.

  9. Poor pup ... and poor mom. Hope there is an improvement soon. The book mark idea was a good one. I am often expected to come up with kid's gmes at the drop of a hat but something quilty ... no way.

  10. Poor Katie, that's so stressful for both of you. I hope she feels better soon please keep us updated. I love those bookmarks, they're on my list (long, long list). I can't believe they actually used the "Life is good" logo, changing the wording would have saved a lawsuit, they must be overseas.

  11. That's a really neat idea on the bookmarks! You are so clever to make these things! Please tell Katie I hope she is feeling better soon! I can't take it when my babies are sick....I completely understand your concern! Keep us posted on her!

  12. The bookmarks look cute! I read an article that 'real' books are making a come-back! Hope your fur-baby is doing better. Our daughter was dog-sitting last year while the family was out of the country for 3 weeks and after just 2 days the dog became sick with pancreatitis. All were stressed but he got better.

  13. So sorry to hear about you puppy! Hope she is back to normal soon,


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