Sunday, December 31, 2017

Buddy's 80th Birthday Quilt

My Father in law just turned 80, a few days before Christmas.  Back during the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, I saw a handprint pillow, and got the idea to make a whole quilt, not a pillow.  Also, where she did machine applique, I chose to do hand applique instead.

I started by sending a letter, with a picture of Paige's handprint pillow (yes, I'd already asked Paige if I could use her idea), along with printer paper and self addressed, stamped envelopes, to return the handprint in. 

When all the handprints were returned, I then traced them onto non-fusible interfacing.  I stitched the interfacing to the fabric, and VERY CAREFULLY turned each finger/hand.  That was the hard part, since there are so many curves. 

finished handprint quilt
Here are each of the blocks.
oldest son

me, his wife

2nd son

2nd son's wife

Buddy's wife (my mother in law)

label block

my father in law's brother

brother's wife

oldest grandson



youngest granddaughter

wife of youngest grandson (Connor)

youngest grandson

oldest granddaughter

husband of Sarah
Everyone with a handprint on the quilt was at the 80th Birthday party.  What a great time, being able to get everyone together.  It's been years and years since we could do this.  I did get a picture of my father in law with the quilt, with his son's on either side of him.

John, Buddy, Kevin
Talk about a special time.  The first great-grandchild is due in February.  As a special present to Buddy, he was the first one to know the baby's name.  Buddy was presented with a snowman couple frame, with snowflakes around them.  Each snowman and snowflake were labeled with the names of the family members.  The center snowflake, between the snow couple, has the baby's name on it.  Gwendolyn Avery.
all the family's names
It has been suggested that I trace the baby's name, when she is born, and make a matching pillow.  We'll see.....

And of course, what wasn't hand stitched, was pieced on a hand crank sewing machine.  I had it professionally quilted.
1927 Singer 15 hand crank


  1. Cheryl, what a special gift for an octogenarian! And kudos for hand appliqueing all of the hands! And, a pillow celebrating the great-grand would be a nice addition!

  2. Fabulous gift for a special birthday and how wonderful all were in attendance. Love the design and colors - the quilting is a perfect compliment.

  3. Fabulous....memories and beautiful work. Know the family loved it too!

  4. What a fabulous idea. Love how it turned out and the names by each hand. What a very special gift. So glad you got to spend time with your family.

  5. What a wonderful gift. The hands are really special.

  6. You have the most interesting ideas! A personal quilt like that is so special and he's going to love it so much!

  7. Cheryl, this is an awesome gift! And I love the message on the quilt too. I'm sure the quilt will be loved and cherished. ~Jeanne

  8. That was an eye watering gift. He must have been so surprised and pleased. Your colors and hands are so well done. What a treat that everyone was in attendance who's hands are on the quilt. Fantastic idea.

  9. I love the idea of those hand prints on a quilt for a special birthday. Did you hand applique the hands? What a labour of love. Happy New Year Cheryl!

  10. What a great idea! I will need to make two graduation quilts for 2019 graduations and will file this away for inspiration.

  11. What a wonderful gift! Truly stitched with love!

  12. Such a special gift. I'm sure he loves it.

  13. What a fantastic gift! Love your color scheme, and that had to be wonderful, getting everyone on the quilt to be at the party, too.

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