Saturday, December 2, 2017

Peter Pan Baby Quilt

I finished the quilt tops (yes, two identical quilt tops).  Yipee! 
one of the quilt tops

see, there really are two quilt tops
I've been marathon sewing, trying to get these done, so that I can get them to the long arm quilter. 

I changed my mind on the backing fabric, so, I've already headed to my local quilt shop ( I love Sewing, Etc, in Yorkville, IL).  I'm pre-washing the backing fabric as I type this. 

I almost forgot to add the thimbles to this quilt.  Thimbles are 'kisses' in Peter Pan (if you don't remember, you'll just have to watch the movie again).  I didn't make the thimbles until Thursday, and finished appliqueing them on Friday morning.  I also finished the embroidery on the 2nd Peter Pan block on Friday. 
I loved making the crocodile.  I got the pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts.  I used her method of making the flying geese, so, since I'd used a directional fabric for the crocodile's spikes, one crocodile had them going up/down, and the other crocodile has them going side to side.  That is the only difference between the quilts.
Crocodile Rock pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts
I fussy cut Tinkerbells, from some of my Tinkerbell stash (I had more Tinkerbell fabric than I thought I did, thank goodness).  Those Tinkerbell's are the cornerstones in the center of the quilt.
showing Tinkerbell cornerstones

more Tinkerbell cornerstones
Every stitch on this quilt, that isn't done by hand, has been stitched on a hand crank sewing machine.  I started the paper pieced blocks (Tiger Lily and Wendy) on 'Tinkerbell', my 1925 Singer 99 (3/4 size) hand crank, and finished the rest of the piecing on my 1927 Singer 15 hand crank.
stitching the last seams on 1937 Singer 15 hand crank

I've been so busy trying to finish these quilt tops, that I haven't had time to show any of the great quilting packages I've received the past few weeks. 

First, I won a lovely fabric postcard from Beth, at I Have a Notion.
post card from Beth

Then Jeanette, over at Inch Worm fabrics, sent me this great batik fabric bundle, from her giveaway.
batiks from Jeanette

Next, Tricia from Quilt With a View, told me that I'd won 2 of her Rose Card patterns.
from Tricia
Lastly, I received my exchange blocks from my latest Treadle On block exchange.  Here are my 4 different sets of blocks (sorry, my design board was full of Peter Pan blocks, so, I don't have a picture of them spread out).
4 sets of blocks
Here are the blocks that I made for this exchange.  They all have to be made on a treadle or a hand crank.  I used the hand crank shown above.  All blocks are 'signed' before mailing.  These are some of my 'extra' blocks. 
blocks I made for the Treadle On exchange

All in all, it's been pretty nice around here lately.  Of course, I haven't made my project for my quilt guild exchange (due Monday night).  I'd better get started on that one pretty quick.  I'm going to use my modern Janome for that project.  I think it is feeling a bit neglected lately. 


  1. The quilts are absolutely adorable and the thimbles are a very special touch! The recipients are very lucky. ~Jeanne

  2. Your quilt tops are wonderful! Does the crocodile have a clock in his stomach? Just kidding.

  3. Your quilts turned out fabulous. Great wins/acquisitions/exchanges too.

  4. What a great feeling to have your quilt tops done! They are wonderful and will be cherished for years to come! I'm anxious to see the finished product when the quilting is done. Lucky you for winning some awesome prizes!

  5. Super finish! Can't wait to see them quilted.

  6. These are just too cute. You put so much thought and work into all the details. They should finish up wonderful. You have had some really great wins and gifts for an very good month.

  7. Congrats on the finishes-they turned out wonderful. You are going to have a couple of excited kids there!

  8. The baby quilts turned out amazing!! What a treasure they are! A true heirloom, for sure.

  9. I adore the Peter Pan quilt! Well done. You've been very busy in your sewing room, in spite of the looming holidays!!!

  10. Absolutely fabulous Peter Pan quilts! These will be family heirlooms for sure!

  11. Your Peter Pan quilts are great! You were one determined lady for getting them finished. Congrats on winning so many wonderful prizes. That is always a fun surprise getting treats in the mail.

  12. Peter Pans are wonderful. Thanks for testing the patterns for us. I love the arrangement of the elements.

  13. The quilts are adorable! Great job!

  14. I love the quilts. You did a great job! Good winnings!

  15. Wow, and I think I'm busy! Wonderful baby quilts. They will be treasured.

  16. Nice and simple. I especially love the thimbles, my favorite tool and a sweet nod to kisses in the story. Your work is lovely.

  17. You really hit the jackpot receiving all those things in the mail. The thimbles on the quilt are just the right touch. All the details are lovely. Lots of work in that one!

  18. Oops --- I should have said, Lots of work in those TWO!

  19. I dropped over here from a link on Terri's blog. I always see your name when I comment on her blog. I adore your Peter Pan quilt. So many pieces! Arghhh. And I thought I had a lot of pieces in some of my Farmer's Wife blocks! I love paper piecing, but I'm pretty sure I don't have it in me to do little, itty bitty pieces.

  20. You sure have been a busy stitcher! And a lucky winner! Love your Peter Pan quilts. They are both adorable!

  21. Great job on the Peter Pan quilts!

  22. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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