Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Little Bit of a Lot of Things

    I never showed the completed pin cushion I made for the Treadle On Pin Cushion exchange.  I made a cute little mouse pin cushion.  I made a 2nd one for me to keep.

1st Mouse pin cushion

2nd Mouse pin cushion

Both  Mouse pin cushions

These are the only mice I ever want to see in my sewing room.

On Monday, I finished the embroidery on my Olde Treadleonia map.
map of Olde Treadleonia

    This map is from the early days of Treadle On, back when Captain Dick had lots of fun and games on the website.  I'll use this map as the center of a quilt.  I have lots of blocks from previous Treadle On Block Exchanges that I've participated in, that I've never sewn up into quilts.  

    I ordered a special tool kit designed for vintage sewing machines.  All of the bits in this kit are for the screws in most vintage machines.  The kit arrived yesterday.
Chapman set #9600

    I ordered this screwdriver kit from Sew Purty Workshops.  These kits are made in the USA.  I'm looking forward to using the kit the next time I clean a vintage sewing machine (several are waiting their turn to be cleaned).

    I started the Castle layout for my latest grandson's Harry Potter quilt.  Parts of the layout are paper pieced and parts are traditional pieced.  I'm making the paper pieced parts first.  These are the largest paper pieced blocks I've ever made before.
tops of Castle

    The Castle layout is from the Fandom in Stitches Disney Princess Quilt Along.  The layout uses the same size blocks as I was making (10" finished).
Castle layout

    I didn't want the roof of my Castle to be purple, and I also wanted my Castle to be made of gray stone, not wood, so I'm making several other changes, too.  Yes, I'm making two of this quilt.  One for my new grandson, and one that I can show at my quilt guild's quilt show (whenever we get to have quilt shows again).  Eventually my grandson will get the 2nd quilt, when the first quilt wears out.

    The end of August I visited a thrift store that I don't get to very often.  I found this quilt there for $10.  Of course I couldn't pass it up.
thrift store quilt

    I don't know if this quilt had even been used before.  It hadn't been washed.  It washed up nicely.  It may become a charity quilt.  Both of my quilt guilds are always needing charity quilts for different organizations.  

Now to go finish the Castle doors and the rest of the Castle layout.  


  1. Very cute pin cushion. And love your thrift store quilt!

  2. Your pincushion is very cute. What a neat tool kit. Can't wait to see your Harry Potter quilt when it is finished.

  3. I love the little mouse pin cushion - so neat the way it holds bobbins and thread! Another Harry Potter quilt - I'll enjoy watching your progress. ~Jeanne

  4. I've made that mouse, too. I also like the idea of a stone castle!!! The guilds I belong to also need charity quilts... nice short cut!!!

  5. Oh the little pincushion - TOO cute!! and your thrift store find - great rescue!!

  6. The pincushion is really cute and his tail being so useful for bobbin storage is a plus;) You really scored on that quilt for only $10, wow, it is a pretty modern looking one.

  7. That pin cushion is adorable!!! And that quilt, $10? Crazy!

  8. I'm glad you made the mouse in brown and not gray fabric: it's a bit too realistic! Very cute! I'm envious of your Chapman tool set.


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