Thursday, September 23, 2021

Some Finishes, a Gift and Getting Ready

 Yipee!  I finished both Harry Potter Castle quilt tops this weekend!  The long arm quilter has them now.  I started the blocks for these quilts back in February.  I didn't get a chance to work on them over the summer, but I finally got time to get the blocks in the Castle setting this past week.

Harry Potter Castle quilt

2nd quilt top is folded on the cutting table

Yes, I made 2 identical quilt tops.  My newest grandson will get the first quilt, and I'll keep the 2nd quilt to put in my large quilt guild's quilt show.  

These quilt tops are much larger than I was expecting.  The directions don't mention sizes, other than the paper piece block sizes.  I didn't care enough to stop and graph it out to pre-determine the finished sizes.  The quilt tops are 58" x 82.5".  Way too large for a baby quilt, but, the paper pieced quilt tops I make for my grandkids are usually hung on a wall, not slept under.  I always make them plenty of quilts to sleep under and throw on the floor.  

Monday night was my little quilt guild's Annual Tea.  One of the members made gifts for everyone in the guild.  She made us all sewing kits.  Each kit was made using different fabrics.

closed sewing kit

open sewing kit

continuous threaded needle & thread holder
(each holder has 10 threaded needles) 

finger pin cushion, pop-up thread catcher and pip

each pip had a rubber thimble and 2 Clover clips

Much of each of these items is hand stitched.  She made around 24 kits.  Everyone loved their kits and have asked her to do some demo's on how to make each part.  

This weekend is the Annual Kendall County Historical Society's Lyon's Farm Fall Festival.  Last year the festival was cancelled due to Covid (like everything else).  This year the festival is happening. I've had a booth at the festival since 2012.  It's always fun.  Well, this is the first year that I have to set up by myself.  I usually have my husband or son help set up, but they can't help me this year.  It will take me 2 trips to get everything to the festival this time.  I've already loaded my car, even though I can't set up until Friday afternoon.  I'm bring fewer machines this year than I normally bring.  I'm only taking 12 machines this time.

three machines on the floor of my car

four machines on the back seat of my car (room for one more machine on the seat)

four machines, 3 chairs, several quilts, a Featherweight table and a 401/301 short bed table

I'll have to come back to get the treadle base and the projects that I'll be sewing on during the festival.  I expect that the crowds will be much smaller than normal this year, due to Covid.  Illinois' numbers are getting smaller each day (less than 4% now).  

If you want to see my past blog posts about Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, then scroll way down to my post list and look under Lyon's Farm.  

Now to go get my projects and sewing notions together for the weekend.



  1. Have fun at the festival. Someday I will get to attend. What neat little sewing kits! Love the Harry Potter quilts they turned out fabulous.

  2. Congrats on finishing two tops. There's a lot of work in those HP quilts. The sewing kit is a wonderful little gadget to have. She is so generous. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. So glad the festival is happening. I know you will enjoy yourself!!! The little sewing kits are neat with all of the little items. And both quilt tops finished - they look great! ~Jeanne

  4. Oh my gosh, that sewing kit with content is so cute and really useful too! And bravo for finishing the Harry Potter quilts; I must say I'm impressed that you made two of them. That shows dedication. Have fun at the festival. No doubt it will be extra special since it was cancelled last year. xx

  5. Fabulous castle setting for your blocks!
    Have a wonderful time on the weekend... I'm sure the visitors will enjoy seeing your display and all your lovely machines!

  6. Congrats on finishing the HP flimsies! I expect the finished quilts will be loved by all! Love the sewing kit - what a wonderful gift!

  7. The stone for the castle looks much better than woodgrain!!! You will have fun at the show! I did one a few weeks ago and it was so much fun!!! Everyone was masked!!!


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