Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

another cloisonne teapot
 My mother bought me this teapot.  I like the funny shoes.  It has the same thing painted on the other side. 

painted thread spool
 I found this hand painted thread spool at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  It was only 5 cents.  The lady said that her sister would paint anything that didn't move.  It looks cute on my vintage sewing machines.

other side of painted thread spool
Today was our monthly sew-in day with Quilts of Valor.  I took my hand crank.  It's a good thing I did.  We blew the fuse more than 5 times before they started moving plugs around.  I just kept on sewing while they all scrambled to reset the fuse.  Lots of fun and great food, too.

I met Andrea, another blogger (check out her great ideas on her blog) at a new quilt store near us.  Afterwards, we stopped a two thrift stores near there.  At one, we found several bags of folded fabric in the domestics bin.  Whoopee!!!  99 cents a bag!  I bought 12 bags.  It's all washed and several large pieces have already been donated to Quilts of Valor earlier today.  This was all quality quilting fabrics from name company's.  I left the floral fabrics, since we can't use them for soldiers quilts.  My favorite was a large cream piece with tiny fishing lures in green.  It will be great in our quilts.  When I get my camera back out, I'll show you the 'real' reason Andrea and I met up. 

This is a 'sewing' week for me.  Last night was one of my guild meetings.  Great bunch of ladies, even if we are small in number.  Today was Quilts of Valor.  Wednesday, a lady is driving from another state to see my 'herd' of vintage sewing machines (wow, I have a 'herd' now).  On Thursday is our weekly sew-in at one of the LQS's.  I'm also trying to finish the hand quilting on one of my Halloween table runners.


  1. Good job! You are one busy lady. See you on Thursday.

  2. Sounds like a good week to me!

  3. You find the coolest Teapots! I love the painted spool too! Have a great week of sewing. I am working on quilting some QOV this week too!

  4. This does sound like a true sewing week for you!! Love the teapot, as always, and happy sewing! What a great find, all of that fabric, at the thrift shop. :)

  5. busy busy! sounds like a great week. love those thrift shop finds!

  6. You are busy! But a great kind of busy. I'm happy for you that you have a 'herd' now. =) I LOVE the shoes on your teapot! I'm an avid shoe collector as well... I guess you could say I have many 'herds' of shoes! I still haven't even rounded all my thrifty photos up to post. I have a few charm squares for you for QOV that I thrifted.


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