Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quilts of Valor presentation

Last night I got to attend a meeting of Marine parents with the leader of our local Quilts of Valor group.  She was expecting to get to present a quilt to one of the local Marine recruiters.  Well...  there were 4 local Marine recruiters that showed up at the meeting, and none of them had even heard of Quilts of Valor, much less received a quilt for their deployments.  The recruiters deployments ranged from 1 deployment to 5 deployments.

Rita presenting a quilt.  This man has been on 5 deployments

Rita presenting a quilt

Marine recruiters with their quilts

wrapping up in their quilts

Me, Rita and the 4 Marine recruiters with their Quilts of Valor
I've only been at 2 other presentations before.  This was a special presentation.  After the presentation, I received hugs from each of the Marines.  The Marine parents that were there for the parents support group were all excited that their Marines would receive a quilt when they return from their deployments. 

We also signed up some of the mothers/ family members to help make quilts for other returning and injured soldiers. 

What a great evening!   There is more info on this group on the link above.

PS:  Yes, I had permission from all of the Marines pictured to show them on my blog. 


  1. Great work, I'm sure the quilts will be treasured!

  2. Awesome, or should I say "ooo-rah!"

  3. What a great cause! And the quilts are beautiful.

  4. Aw, this is so cool! What a special night. Love the quilts and the pictures of the Marines with them. :) xo

  5. What a great post. What a rewarding thing to do. The men look so happy .

  6. awesome that you got to be there! I'd probably be crying like a baby.

  7. It is always so exciting for me to read posts like this. I support American Hero Quilts, but it's under the umbrella count of Quilts of Valor. I hear such wonderful stories, and sometimes tear-jerking stories, from Sue, and love reading more posts about presentations. Thank you for all you do!

  8. This is a very touching post....Great job!

  9. great. congratulations for your work. hugs


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