Monday, July 22, 2013

Batavia Quilt and Textile Show

I helped work the Quilts of Valor booth 2 of the 3 days of the Batavia Quilt and Textile show this past weekend.  I've done this almost every year since the show opened.  I always enjoy this show. 

Quilts of Valor booth with our Opportunity quilt
 Two Quilts of Valor quilts were finished and turned in at the show.  I thought you might want to see them.
Quilts of Valor quilt

Quilts of Valor quilt

Right across from the Quilts of Valor booth was the Mission Seams Impossible quilt challenge.  This years theme was 'Childhood Memories.'

by Sue Juns

by Karen Collins
 Check out the 1/2" squares she used and stitched to make up this quilt.
1/2" squares to make the picture

by Thelma Weeks

by Rasa Forsberg

by Becky Hall

by Betty Ivins
This quilt show has about 150 quilts each year.  Small, but nice.  I love that they have a nice mix of antique quilts (family heirlooms) along with quilts made by kids and also local quilters.  They do have a viewers choice for the challenge quilts and for the regular quilts, but, they aren't announced until Sunday, so, I missed who won each category.  I don't vote.  I'd rather enjoy each quilt on it's own, than to try to figure out which one is 'best'. 

Batavia Windmill Quilt by William Hohmann

Sisters Across the Miles by Elizabeth Geer and Julie Carey

made by Nancy Chaney Edwards, 1852

made by Amanda Parks Turpin, 1852

The Saxophone Player by Nancy Shiner

Tiles by Gwen McKee

Winter by Ann Miller

Hand pieced by Edna Papenmeier in the early 1940's, hand quilted by Pauline Vibbert in the late 1980's

There is always at least one quilt that catches your attention for an unusual reason.  This is the one that caught my eye.  I wonder if Zombie's use quilts?????

Zombie Sam by Cindy Harper, made with permission of the original artist, Billy Tackett (  This took her 81 1/2 hours to make this quilt (about 2 months 'real' time)

Autumn's Splendor by Erica Barrett

Burgoyne Surrounded by Jean Smith

by Sandra Bils

50 Shades of Gray by Kathleen Herbach

Christmas Treasures by Leanne Hurley

I love the details that were quilted into each flower vase

by Linda LoBianco

OMA Sailboat by Thelma Weeks

When the Stars Come Out by Rob Thomas

Of course another quilt caught my eye.  This is a Harry Potter quilt.  It was made as part of a challenge by Joann Fabrics.  All the fabrics had to come from Joann's.  The lady who made this quilt also works with our local Quilts of Valor group.

Harry Potter's Castle by Brenda Duran

bottom center of quilt

center of quilt

upper center of quilt

lower right of quilt

upper right of quilt

lower left of quilt

upper left of quilt

left of quilt, love the floating candles

My Green Thumb is only in Cloth by Erica Barrett

Harmonia by Nancy Shiner

Arts and Crafts Sampler quilt by Barbara Burdette

Reaching New Heights by Sharlene M. Snellman

small blocks, looks like a 'Dear Jane' but, doesn't say that on the info sheet, 325 different fabrics, 5,344 pieces, mostly hand pieced and hand quilted

The next quilt reminded me of the colors that another blogging friend has been using lately.  Teresa of A Quilt and A Prayer.

Radiance by Joyce Kosman

Night Blooms by Joyce Kosman

by Betty Ivins

Bali Star Wedding Ring Quilt by Chris Wiseman

by Deanne Simpson

 There were 4 quilts at the show with Owls. 
Whooters by Colleen L. Stephens

Lincoln the Lion by Anne Cooper

by Laura Hays

I only purchased a few items at the quilt show this time, but, they, along with a few things I got at a quilters garage sale this week will go into a separate post later this week.

I did get my newest sewing machine cleaned up Sunday afternoon.  I'm having troubles getting the tension set properly.  The wood on the base and case is in terrible shape, but, it looks better than it did.  I'll show pictures in a later post.  I think this post has enough pictures.

I'm hoping to get some projects worked on this week.  For the first time in a while, I'm not 'overscheduled' this week.  Yipee!  Some rest for the weary!


  1. Thank you for the pictures. Looks like it was another great show. Did not get the chance to attend this year.

  2. Always a great show to see thru your eyes!

  3. Thanks for the show! Some really interesting quilts. Loved the HP quilt. Thanks for showing the sections, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing! So much fun to see the different quilts. ~Jeanne

  5. Beautiful quilts! Inspires me to be productive this week! :)

  6. For a "small" show, there is an amazing variety of modern and traditional. To be sure, I noticed those owls.

  7. Wow, so many beautiful quilts, thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I loved seeing the quilt show, thanks for sharing :)
    And I LOVED the Harry Potter quilt!!

  9. Thanks for the great eye candy. Love the Zombie quilt!


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