Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'Victor', my latest machine

Before anyone says that I have too many machines, don't worry, I have plans for the 2 that were in the last post to head out the door (to the Sewing Machine Project) and for another 2 (at least) to also head out the door in September. 

Back in March, I found a parlor style treadle cabinet at a thrift store.  It didn't have a machine in it, so, it didn't count as a treadle (yet). 

parlor style treadle cabinet

I knew that the right machine would come along.  Well,  it did come along.   'Victor' arrived last night.

badged clone of a Singer 15 machine, made in Japan

When I saw 'Victor' I just knew that I had to have him.  Every time I say his name, I say it with the same accent that Cloris Leachman used when she said 'Victor' in the movie, 'Young Frankenstein'

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein was my first 'date' movie.  I remember the movie much better than I remember that date. 

Victor came with a matching treadle belt, and some lovely spool pin doilies. 

matching treadle belt, and 5 of the 6 spool pin doilies

underside says 'Feather' in several places

Super Deluxe, made in Japan, serial #F6061572

lovely detailed end plate

'Feather' marked (again) and 6th spool pin doily

I wasn't going to try him out last night, but, since no one was home, I decided to see if he fit in the parlor cabinet. 

Victor fits nicely

you can see the blue treadle belt attached

drawer inside the parlor cabinet
Well, I wasn't sure how to thread Victor, and I couldn't find my 'generic' Singer 15 clone manual, so, off to the computer I went, and downloaded a free copy for Japanese made machines.  I think, if they'd just painted their machine blue, instead of black, it would have been a picture of Victor on the cover.

free manual, isn't the internet great!
Ok, no excuses , I knew how to thread Victor, now to see if he sews.

top stitches in dark blue

bottom stitches in white
He sews!  It would have been much easier if I'd sat down to try to treadle Victor.  Standing up, and only using one foot, is much harder to do (especially for this gal who can't walk, talk and chew gum at the same time). 

I'm not planning on bringing home any more machines in the near future (best laid plans...) because I really need to work on getting some of the machines I already have up and running.  (Eek!  Rewiring motors is scary)!

I have been sewing this week.  I'm rewarding myself for each part of the housework (dirty word) that I do. 

Well, my break is over (darn!).  Off to clean some more. 


  1. Welcome Victor! Sounds like you are having fun! I love your way of rewarding yourself for housework - I think I've done that before! lol ~Jeanne

  2. Very nice - if I had come across Victor in my travels, he would surely have come home with me, too!

  3. my gosh! what a beautiful machine! I've never seen a blue treadle belt either. And, it seems to sew perfectly, and fits the cabinet nicely. I'd say you had a great reward for your cleaning. Where did you find this machine? Was it a good price? Thanks for sharing the details. Just lovely. I bet Bonnie Hunter is impressed too.

  4. Wow, what a great looking machine; I love the color of it. It doesn't look like Victor was over worked or abused :) And it fits perfect in your cabinet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, it is absolutely beautiful--worthy of the gorgeous cabinet! And I've never seen a teal belt before, but it is certainly fun! It looks very much like my 1936 Singer 15-88 (although mine does not have the lovely parlor cabinet). Did you get it from a fellow-TO member? (I ask because of the spool doilies.)

  6. A question: Were parlor cabinets ever made with drawers or some kind of storage space for accessories and notions?

  7. Envy rears its ugly head ... and I don't even have room in my house for such a thing.

  8. What a handsome thing Victor is!!! I'd have brought him home too :*)

  9. Louie and I LOVE Young Frankenstein, and 'Wick-TOR' is gorgeous!

  10. Victor is such a beautiful color and the parlor cabinet is just stunning! What beautiful finds! :)

  11. What a great find and so nice that he fit in the table so nicely!

  12. Congratulations! He's a beautiful machine with a lovely stitch.

  13. Wow! Perfect machine for your parlor cabinet. Sure hope to find a "home" like Victor's for a beautiful black Japanese class 15 Apollo head that is pictured in the manual as a treadle. I would break my "4 treadles is enough" rule if I ever see an empty parlor cabinet that still has the treadle mechanism intact.

  14. Victor-y! Love your posts! You are a card!

  15. Ooh, how pretty! The 15 clones are great machines. Lovely cabinet, too.

  16. OH Gorgeous! What a pretty blue, and a matching belt! How Swank is that!!??

    When I think of Victor, I instead think of the Vampire King in Underworld. hahah
    I'm kinda Goth.

    Great Name.

  17. Nice machine and a matching treadle belt. That is something I have not seen before.

  18. I love the belt. Urethane? Attached with little connectors? I have a "Royal" Japanese Deluxe that looks just like Victor. I call her "Queenie" Back when I was naming machines. Now I have TMTN (Too Many To Name).

  19. I sure love Victor and I have zero sewing and quilting talent! But I love visiting new blogs and since I know Sue at CollectInTexas I thought I would come by and say hi!

  20. Victor is a victory!! He is really quite beautiful and really looks nice in that cabinet..very good boys?

  21. Love the parlor cabinet! Would love one like that. Victor is just so adorable. A blue belt? How cool is that? And it sews!


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