Monday, September 12, 2016

Bear Paw Quilt Along

I decided to join the Bear Paw QAL, over at Sew Fresh Quilts.  

Sew Fresh Quilts

This is only the 2nd week, so, there is plenty of time to join.  This is the schedule.

As each post is published the live links will be added to the schedule.

September 3: Introduction and Fabric Requirements

September 10: Cutting Instructions

September 17: Constructing the Bear Paw blocks

------------------------ Two Week Break for Bear Paw block construction -------------------------------

October 1: Constructing the Big Bear blocks

------------------------ Two Week Break for Big Bear block construction -------------------------------

October 15: Long Sashing Instructions

October 22: Bear Print Border blocks

October 29: Quilt Assembly

------------------- One Month Break for Quilt Top Assembly, Quilting & Binding --------------------------

November 26: MOD Bear Paw "SHOW it OFF!" never ending linky party begins

my fabric choices

On Saturday, I bought my fabric.  I knew I didn't have enough browns in my stash to make this quilt, and, I didn't want to make it scrappy.  I really liked the fabrics that the designer used in her first quilt (Shimmer by Northcott) and, I knew just where I could get them.  Sewing, Etc., in Yorkville, IL sells this line. 

I haven't started cutting yet.  I'm really busy the next 2 weeks, so, we'll see how much I get done.


  1. I like your fabric choices.... I'm keen to do this too but am having a hard time deciding what colours/fabrics to use!

  2. Love those fabrics! I can't wait to see this in progress. Wish I had time to stitch along, but too many other things waiting for my attention.

  3. Great fabrics. I picked up some fabric today as well and like yours it's brown but more solid. I think I'll write up my post tomorrow.

  4. Looks like a fun quilt! I'm trying to finish up a few things before starting something new.

  5. I've got my fabrics but haven't started cutting yet.

  6. Love your fabrics ( looks a lot like Calico Joan's) So happy to see friends making this quilt, too - we can nudge each other.

  7. It sounds like a fun way to connect up with other quilters but I have never been any good at following directions.

  8. Buying the fabric is the easiest part for me... finding time (away from the computer) is the harder part. Good Luck.

  9. These are certainly going to make for a beautiful bear quilt, Cheryl. So very glad to have you quilting along!

  10. Love your color choices. I nabbed up the pattern, but won't have time to do any sewing for a while, until I can get into my new sewing room. I will have to start working from the door into the room.


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