Monday, September 5, 2016

I Finished a UFO

Way back in July 2014, I made a quilt top for my Aunt Pat.   I decided to make it after I visited her on the way to the Oxford Ohio TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) that July.  The top was made in about 2 days.  Problem is, that it sat, and sat, and sat, waiting to be quilted.  I'd even made the binding for the quilt (faux piping binding). 

Well, in August, when I picked up the 2 Family Reunion quilts, that I had quilted in LaSalle, IL, at Quilting in the Valley, I dropped off Aunt Pat's quilt, to be quilted.  Their prices are great, and the quilting is nice, too.

Well, I picked up Pat's quilt last week, and, today I got the binding on the quilt.  Woohoo!  After 2 years, this quilt is DONE!
Aunt Pat's quilt

up close of the blocks
I even stitched the label on the back.
label and backing fabric
I used the faux piping binding on this quilt.  There is a great tutorial here.
faux piping binding

Hubby built me a quilt stand out of PVC pipe.  This was my first chance to try it out.
PVC pipe quilt stand
Hubby made it large, so, it takes 2 people to put it up and attach the quilt.  I may get him to cut me some shorter pieces, for smaller quilts.  I can use this at demo's.  It's not real steady (the wind wanted to blow the quilt over, while it was on the stand), but, it will be great for indoors. 

I had to stop working on my 1881 Singer 12 treadle base, since it's been so hot and humid.  I finally got some work done on it this past week.  Most of it is glued back together now (some still left to glue), and, I finally got to put some of the stain on the base.  I still need to stain the top of the treadle base (hard to stain both sides at once).
top drawer 'before' staining, bottom drawer after staining

after staining (coffin top, still needs work)

after staining (drawer area)
This treadle is almost done, thank goodness.  I'm hoping to take it to the Lyon's Farm Fall Festival September 24-25, 2016.    I've done demo's at this Festival several times over the past few years.  I'm still trying to figure out what machines to take, and what to work on that weekend.  If you are near the western suburbs of Chicago that weekend, please come and stitch with me (I'll have lots of machines for you to use).


  1. I'm sure your Aunt will love her quilt, no matter how long she had to wait for it ;)! Don't worry, I've got quilts which were or are much longer in the making, so two years isn't bad at all. Great quilt stand by the way; you have a handy hubby!

  2. Always so good to get UFO's finished...lucky Aunt Pat...I know she will be so pleased. Great idea on the PVC display rack...makes photographing so much easier. Seeing your re-do makes me want to get started on an old treadle cabinet and machine...cooler weather project for sure. Happy National Sewing Month.

  3. Your Aunt will love her quilt! It is always fun to find a UFO and get it finished. I have something like your PVC display rack that I use to hold/lift quilts when I am quilting them. I love it. Your treadle base is looking great! ~Jeanne

  4. Your refinishing project is looking great!
    Just an idea for your quilt rack; we use sandbags around the feet of our guild's telescoping rack to give it more stability. Someone made them from denim.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the quilt! The sanding and refinishing looks terrific! I would love to have a photo display stand.

  6. Aunt Pat's quilt turned out great. Love the binding. Nice frame your hubby made, and just in time for your show. Sorry the commute is too long for me.

  7. Aunt Pat's Quilt is a wowzer! What a happy finish you've got -- and the faux piping looks fabulous!! Your PVC pipe quilt stand is awesome!! Your hubby did a good job! Have a happy week!! :)

  8. Great finish, and I love your quilt rack for photo ops! Great idea. You are putting machines back together and I am going to take a couple apart.

  9. Super rack for show and tell! And it's such a nice feeling to finish a project.


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