Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stitching! Stitching! Stitching!

I've been busy stitching the past 2 weeks.  Here is the proof.

Bear Paw QAL

So far, I've prepared 560 of the 960 Half Square Triangles needed for the Bear Paw Quilt Along.  I've also cut out what is needed to make all the Bear Paw blocks.  I've stitched 4 blocks so far (lots and lots left, of course).
First 4 blocks stitched
This is what 560 1.5" HST's look like.
560 HST's
Of course, I still need to cut, trim, iron and pull papers on another 400 HST's.
10 pages of Triangulations, ready to be cut into 400 HST's
Here is what else I've cut, so far.
squares for blocks

sashings for blocks
I can relax now, now that I have so much cut, ready to stitch. 

At the Fall Festival, I worked on several projects.  Of course, since I was demo'ing some of my vintage machines, I had to use several of them.

I started straight line quilting on this baby quilt, on my 'Victor' treadle.
baby quilt
Post WWII Japanese Class 15 treadle 'Victor'

I started making some more purses, too.  I only got this far on two of them.
parts of purse, stitched

parts of purse, stitched
I had started on 2 other purses, the week before. 
OU purse #1

OU purse #2
These purses are being made on 'Betty Sue'
1939 Singer 221 Featherweight 'Betty Sue'
This is what the finished purses will look like.
Finished purse from August

I also started on a wall hanging, and got the top of it finished on Monday.
wall hanging
All the fabrics, other than the solid purple, are sewing themed fabrics.

This wall hanging was stitched on a hand crank. 
1927 Singer 15 hand crank
I'm also using this machine to stitch the Bear Paw blocks.  I love my hand cranks.  Sew relaxing to stitch on. 

Not bad, considering that I had to set up, and take down the booth at Fall Festival last weekend, too.  Yes, all the machines were put up quickly. 


  1. I don't have the Bear Paws all cut -- maybe enough for a quarter of the blocks. I had a commission top to work on this week so I'm a bit behind. I love your Vintage machines. I will have to do a blog post showing off mine soon. I used the Featherweight I got from my MIL to make the first quilt for our grandson. I cannot imagine being coordinated enough to sew on a hand-crank!

  2. You got a lot done for being busy with a Festival. I would have loved to sit down to one of your machines.

  3. Well, none of your projects or none of your machines will be feeling neglected in spite of your busy schedule.

  4. I'm impressed with your HSTs I have more to make, but I lost focus and worked on the big bear.

  5. I love that Bear Paw Pattern. Good for you, making all those half squares on a vintage machine.

  6. Your bear paw blocks look wonderful. You have been very busy beyond the many many 1/2 square triangles. I think I may be working on this quilt for years!

  7. what is the purse pattern you are using? thanks I love to make pages of HST too.

  8. You sure have been a busy bee! You have made great progress on your bear paw blocks! And with all the other goings on? Wow! Love your collection of machines. Victor is particularly handsome!

  9. Very busy! Can't wait to see the finished bear paw quilt!

  10. Love the colors you have chosen. The rose and gold purse could be shared on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for tomorrow... Oct 1. You must have toned right arm and legs.... all those machines using Woman Power.


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