Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lyon's Farm Fall Festival Demo 2016

This weekend is the Lyon's Farm Fall Festival.  This is the fifth time I've set up my machines for this festival.  My friend, Marilyn came today and stitched with me for a while.  I started off the day by working on the quilting on this baby quilt.  I only got about half of the quilting done on it.

Post WWII series 15 treadle 'Victor'

Here are close up pictures of the machines on this table
1880 Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch hand crank (my oldest machine)

1923 Singer 128 hand crank
 This next machine is the one that I let all the kids try out.  Some didn't want to quit hand cranking.
1914 Singer 66K hand crank

1927 Singer 15 hand crank

And here are close up pictures of the machines on this table
Early to mid 1880's Wheeler & Wilson #8

Early 1900's Gritzner VS hand crank

1950's Betsy Ross toy chainstitch (electric)

1911-1912 Bradbury VS hand crank

Post WWII Precision Home Mark Super DeLuxe (electric)

I hung a quilt from the PVC quilt frame that hubby made me a few weeks ago.
Grandmother's Flower Garden
My ironing board and iron (vintage for both, of course) sat near the display of an antique bedroom that is a display in the building.
bedroom furniture isn't mine, just the ironing board
And last, but not least

Up close of the last 2 machines.  The treadle is the one I've been working on restoring.  I finished the wood a few days ago.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I still haven't had a chance to see if it sews or not.  This is my oldest treadle.
1881 Singer 12 treadle

1881 Singer 12 Treadle head
After lunch I started making purses on 'Betty Sue', my purple Featherweight. 
1939 Singer 221 Featherweight

While Marilyn was helping me in my booth, I got a chance to check out what else was going on at the Festival.  In the foundry, the man was selling these cute quilt hangers.  His wife is a quilter, and asked him to make large safety pins for hanging small quilts.  Of course I had to get one. 
jumbo safety pin quilt hanger (holds up to 19.5" quilt sleeve)
The festival was much quieter this year, than it has been in the past.  I'm hoping that more people show up tomorrow, since there will be an antique car show on Sunday. 


  1. Looks like fun. Are you having the beautiful weather too? Cute quilt hanger.

  2. I love seeing your sewing machines. The quilt hanger safety pin is a cute idea also. I wonder if the gentleman would do mail order because I think that would be such a cute idea for my sewing room.

  3. Lots of history - wouldn't you love to meet the women who used those machines?! Your hubby's quilt frame looks great and I love the safety pin quilt hanger. Hope your attendance picks up today. ~Jeanne

  4. I would love to do something like this. I have one handcrank and the treadle is not really moveable in a parlor cabinet- the wood is fragile. If I could find a straight leg treadle base, I could make a simple wood top for the machine. What did you have the kids handcrank sew? It is such a super display!

  5. Enjoyed seeing all of your machines. Thanks for sharing the pics of them.

  6. What a fabulous display!! Love the pin, how cool to hang a mini repro piece on.

  7. You have such a great collection!

  8. What a beautiful display of your machines!
    Love that quilt hanger!

  9. Inspiring, I need to do something like this as I have so many handcranks and need to find homes to give them a secure future, any ideas what kids like to sew first???

  10. Beautiful Cheryl. What a great way to share your love.

  11. I didn’t know you are a machine collector! Great machines!!


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