Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quilt Show

This afternoon I went to the Heritage Quilt Guilds Quilt Show.  They are celebrating 35 years.  I've always enjoyed this quilt show.
The Quilt Guilds Quilt
They had a challenge.  Evidently, everyone had to make a 2 color quilt, using cream and orange.  I didn't take pictures of who made each challenge quilt.

Also, on quite a few of the quilts, from the front door, to the back of the quilt show, had this attached. 
Tom can hang out on my quilts anytime
Now, on to some of the quilts.....

This next quilt was HUGE!  Her comments are touching.

This next quilt also had some touching comments.

This next quilt looks like stained glass.

And this quilt is for all of you cat lovers.

This quilt shows a great way to 'save' your childs baby clothes.

I did a double take when I saw this.  I just had to take pictures of it.

Gee, can you guess why I took pictures of the next 2 quilts????

I spent most of the day, before heading off to the quilt show, at my large quilt guilds sew-in.  I've been cutting out purses, and, today, I started sewing 2 of them together.  Each purse takes about 5 hours, just for the stitching.  Making 2 at a time is almost as easy as just making one (as long as the thread color is the same).  Here are some pictures I took while assembling the purses.  I still have lots left to do on each purse.  Hint, both of them are OU (University of Oklahoma) fabrics.  They are similar, but, slightly different.
one purse front (no pocket yet)

pocket for the purse

inside lining with pockets and trim
I'm not sure when these purses will get finished.  Next week is busy.  I have a sewing machine demo on Saturday and Sunday, at the Kendall County Historical Society's Lyon's Farm Fall Festival (say that 10 times).  So far, I've decided on at least 10 different machines to take. 


  1. Love the show! I have to get the quilt show pictures off the camera I took in Erie and get them up!

  2. Thanks for sharing the show....some great quilts. But I got a huge kick out of the "bib" one quilter made for her Mom. just perfect!

  3. Some great quilts! Thanks for sharing - it's almost as good as being there! ~Jeanne

  4. Thanks for the quilt show! They are all lovely.

  5. Wow -- some really beautiful quilts! The challenge quilts looked like fun, too! Our guild is Heritage Quilters of Huntsville! Sort of same-to-same! :)

  6. Loved seeing the quilts from the show! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for this post. Those are super quilts. I wish I could run this whole thing through the printer and hang on to all these ideas!


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