Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hubby's project, and Dog update.

Hubby worked on a project while I was in Texas.  I left him a hand crank, set up, for him to use.  Hubby wanted to make an underquilt for his hammock. Hammocks are great when it is warm, but, when it gets to 60 degrees or colder, your underside gets chilly, even if you have a quilt on top of you. 

Hubby found some DIY video's & #2 on how to make these, and wanted to try one out for his hammock.  I really didn't want to work with the slippery materials, and told him he could do this himself. 

hammock underquilt around bottom of hammock

end of hammock underquilt around hammock

showing hammock inside of underquilt
Sorry, I took these pictures while hubby wasn't home, so, no demo of what it looks like with someone in the hammock.

Hubby also made himself a 'pocket' to go across the line that extends from the hammock racks.  He made it out of mesh screening.
hammock pockets
There are 3 pockets on one side, and 2 pockets on the other side.   If hubby had made it longer, he could have sewn across the bottom, and that 'new' pocket could have held a water bottle between the pockets.  That will be his next project.  This was just a learning project. 

I have been sewing this week.  I'm working on a couple of 'secret' projects, so, I can't show them (yet) since 2 of the recipients follow this blog.  I'll be able to show them in March, when they are done, and sent/received.  I did get some hand stitching done, while watching TV.  I finished another 'Be Attitudes' block, and started on another one.
5th block stitched
Update on dog!

Katie is doing much better.  She is on lots of medications, but, they seem to be working.  She even watched 'Katie TV' this morning (sitting at the patio door, and looking for squirrels and rabbits).  We are still waiting for some test results, to let us know the 'rating' of her pancreatitis. 
Katie this morning
Katie is sleeping less, and active more each day.  Thanks for all the well wishes. 

Well, it's time to get some stitching done on those 'secret projects'.  I also have a baby quilt to make, using the pattern from 'I Love Precut Quilts' that I made.  She wants pastels, and, I don't use pastels.  I did find most of what she wanted (lights, but, not pastels) in my stash.  Now to cut them out, and start sewing them.


  1. Your hubby did a great job! So glad Katie is doing better. Happy stitching! ~Jeanne

  2. So glad you pup is doing better.

  3. That looks like a hammock I might use at camp ... and a pocket for my glasses too. Nikko will be 14 in a few days and I worry though she has been trouble-free so far. I doubt I could get her to a vet if she couldn't walk.
    Glad Katie is a bit better.

  4. I'm glad she is feeling better! I wouldn't want to work with the slippery material either! LOL He did a good job though.

  5. Glad that Katie is feeling better. She looks like she just woke up.:) Your hubby seems to be handy with sewing and fixing up things. That's lucky for you. Will expect to see how it looks with a person in the hammock this summer. Where does he have it set up now?

  6. Wow...hubby is adventurous to try this kind of project. Great job and good lesson too. Glad things are better.

  7. That's pretty impressive for your husband, especially since he used the slippery fabric you don't like. I'm so happy to hear Katie is doing better, I hope the test results keep getting better too.

  8. That Underquilt is a neat idea. We do not use our hammock any longer. It is either too hot or too cold! I am so glad that Katie is doing better!

  9. Glad Katie is feeling better. Interesting concept about the hammock. I think people who sleep on cots while camping have the same problem. Pretty impressive sewing project.

  10. So glad to hear Katie is improving!

    I'm impressed with your husband's sewing. I wouldn't want to work on such slippery fabric either.


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