Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tiger Lily #1

My first grandchild is due next February.  The nursery is being decorated in Peter Pan.  The last Peter Pan fabric came out in 2009, and despite looking REALLY HARD in many places, it just isn't available.  Ok, I'm creative, so, lets look elsewhere.  Back in 2014, I'd made 2 Tinkerbell blocks (missing at the moment).   I figured if Tinkerbell was out there, then other Peter Pan characters would also be out there.  Well, not many.  After searching, I found a Peter Pan, Hook, Smee and Tic Toc the Crocodile, but, nothing else.  Where were the girls from Peter Pan? 

I contacted all of the pattern designers listed on Fandom in Stitches (no, I didn't realize that there was a form on the site, to ask for patterns to be considered).  Fandom in Stitches was the site that I'd found all but one of the Peter Pan paper pieced patterns in my search. 

Well, I sent messages to all the pattern designers on Monday, August 7th.  I was contacted by 3 of the designers that day, and, by Saturday, August 12th, I had the first pattern.  Wow!  Talk about quick! 

Kristi Lehane sent me that first pattern (I received more, that same weekend, too).  Kristi sent me Tiger Lily.  Tiger Lily is a 10" pattern.  It has 140 pieces of fabric in it.  It is very detailed. 

As usual, I decided to make 2 of each block.  That way, I'll have a block for the baby quilt, and a 'spare' block for whatever else I decide to make. It really doesn't take much longer to make 2 blocks than it takes to make one block.  That being said, most blocks don't have 140 pieces of fabric, and aren't broken down into 24 different parts. 

chain piecing

I got most of the pieces made Monday night and Tuesday, but, the eyes kept messing me up.  It wasn't the pattern, it was stupid mistakes on my part.  I had one of the eyes (23 pieces in that eye) over half done, when I accidentally trimmed it 1/4" too small.  There was no fixing that mistake.
Oops!  I cut 1/4" off the cut line.  No fixing this mistake

I also realized, after I'd stitched most of both of the 2nd eye pieces, that I'd used the wrong white fabric for the eye.  I'd used the white star on white background fabric, and it showed up.  No fixing those 2 eyes, either.  I decided to put the eyes away, and just work on the rest of the pattern. 

Yesterday, I printed off new patterns for the eyes.  I started over.  I kept making mistakes.  I'd forget to fold the fabric in place before I'd pin the next piece (you don't want to know how many times I did this over and over and over).  What a pain to keep un-stitching those tiny pieces, and having to redo them. 

2 of the eyes, done correctly

If you see a difference in those eyes, you are observant.  They eye on the right follows the pattern (23 pieces, some as thin as 1/16" of an inch wide).  I'd finished the right eye on Tuesday (only eye I didn't mess up over and over).  On Wednesday, I decided to see if I could 'cheat' and use a Sharpie to draw in that tiny black line, and skip 2 pieces/seams.  I think it worked out. 

Last night, I finally got all the pieces stitched together, and finished both Tiger Lily blocks.
finished Tiger Lily (correct eye)

both blocks finished

Woohoo!  One pattern down! 

Part of the agreement for these great designers to design patterns for me, is for me to test them in a timely fashion, and send them the pictures, and any problems with the patterns.  Kristi is currently working on Katie Nana (the dog) for me.  I should get that pattern in the next week.

Next up is Wendy, designed by Alida P.  Alida designed 2 different Wendy's for me, a paper pieced version, and an appliqued version.  She also designed me a Tiger Lily, that is pieced differently than this Tiger Lily.  I'll be testing that Tiger Lily, too. 

I still have one pin cushion, for an exchange, to make.  I'll get that done today, before I start Wendy.  

Oh yea, I forgot to let you know that all of these Peter Pan blocks will be made on 'Tinkerbell' my 1925 Singer 99 hand crank
1925 Singer 99 (3/4 size machine) hand crank, Tinkerbell

Hubby is in Utah, on a 106 mile hike in the Uintas Mountains.   While he is gone, I've set up in the living room, where it is cooler (about 8 degrees cooler than my sewing room, which is the hottest room in the house) and I have surround sound.  I'm having fun, watching musicals, and singing along.  I can't do this in my sewing room, since it is 2 doors away from my son, who sleeps days, and works nights.  No cranking up the sound in there, unless I wear headphones, and, then I can't sing along.  My son can't hear me downstairs. 


  1. Yikes, is that ever fussy piecing! You are doing a terrific job.

  2. Once you finish the Peter Pan quilt you will be an old hand and can do a Quiltworx pattern. LOL Tiger Lily looks gorgeous.

  3. Looks just like Tiger Lily... good job. I know what you mean about the thin pieces. Even if you do sew them right they can still we wobbly from the seam allowance.
    Will the patterns you are testing be on the FIS web site for the rest of us to use some day?
    Let us know when the little tyke is born.

  4. Your blocks look fabulous, and how sweet it is that your sewing machine has the same name.

  5. Super Sewing! My goodness Tiger Lily is stunning. What a special quilt for your first grandchild. I can't imagine doing that intricate piecing on a hand crank. It would take both hands for me otherwise, I'd be the 'crank'. Good job!

  6. Both your Tiger Lily blocks are fantastic! Can't wait to see the rest.

    I worked nights when my kids were little. School time was not so bad but summer was terrible. I had to sleep on the couch so I could sort of keep an eye on them!

  7. I am not only impressed with your piecing but blown away by your creative solution to finding patterns. I like to sing along too ... the old stuff that had tunes with more than three notes and lots of verses.

  8. Tiger Lily looks great and since I didn't have to deal with all of those pieces, I'd say it was worth it. I love Fandom and even more after reading how nice they were to you.

  9. Your efforts paid off big time, those are adorable blocks. So nice of them to whip up what you need!

  10. This is going to be fun to watch the progress! Awesome job!!

  11. You are one determined lady. That is SO cool that you were able to get designers to work with you on creating the patterns. How fun is that?! Have fun on the rest of your one-woman-retreat!


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