Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Travleing Stash Winner!

After Dancing with the Stars (I wonder who will be voted off this week???) and Castle (come on Castle and Beckett, just kiss already!!!)  I had the drawing for the traveling stash. 

14 names in the bucket

Dear youngest son drew a name.....

The Winner!
I would love to have the box. I need a few good books and have some nice fabric to add in.

Angie has two blogs, *Sew Scrappy Quilts* and  Stash Bee (with other quilters, too).  Check out her blogs.

I'm off to contact Angie!


  1. I'm so excited. Thanks Cheryl and youngest son.

  2. Congratulations Angie!!!! I'm looking forward to it passing on and another chance to win!!

    I know - I can't believe they are drawing this Castle and Beckett thing out so long - but I guess that's what keeps us coming back!!!

    I think it is going to be Gavin and Karina - but you can never tell! Do you vote? I don't, but am always interested in seeing how it goes!!

    Have a blessed day!!

  3. Congrats Angie!
    About Castle....yea, I'm over it. They should've gotten together after he told her he loved her. They always think that the romance will end if they actually let them get together, so they drag it out. Do you watch Bones?


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