Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Walker Bags

My little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin', is making walker bags for the Illinois Veterans.  We used to make lap quilts, but, they get lots and lots of those. 

On Saturday, we had a sew-in.  I finished 2 walker bags.  I would have finished a third, but, I sewed the velcro on the wrong side, and didn't figure it out till I had the lining attached.  One of these days I'll unstitch all of it, and finish that one.  I use a tiny, tiny stitch with my vintage machines, so, I hate to rip the stitches out. 

Here are my two finished walker bags.
1st walker bag

2nd walker bag
There were a total of 23 walker bags turned in at last nights meeting.
stack of finished walker bags
We'll be making these for a few more months.  We will take them to the Veterans Administration in November. 

I finished the embroidery on the 2nd block of my Be Attitudes blocks.  I started block 3 yesterday.  Here are the first 2 finished blocks.  Remember, they still need buttons for eyes and Santa's hat.
first two Be Attitude blocks embroidered
I'm enjoying working on these blocks, but, I think I'm using them to avoid working on my projects that have 'due dates' on them.  I'm just not motivated to start on those. 


  1. Those walker bags are a brilliant idea and no doubt will be greatly appreciated. Lovely progress on your blocks too. xx

  2. Such a nice project and so useful. Your Be Attitude blocks are great, and with each one beeeeing different it's easy to see how working on them keeps you motivated. No worries, the back burner projects will get done in time. Hope you are having a great summer. It's HOT here!

  3. Nice to hear that another has the same troubles with deadline quilts. Why do I put them off to the last minute?
    Your walker bags are great! Those people need a lift.

  4. The walker bags look great! I'm sure they will be a great help for those who use a walker.

  5. Avoidance has taken up residence here too, but I'm actually cleaning. Those Be Attitudes are beautiful though so I can see where you'd rather be making them.

  6. Nice job! We ended up with a final of 32. I was hoping for 40 but oh well. There is one more lady that said she might make some but I kinda want to "tie this whole thing up" and move on to other things! Looks like your guild is going to be very productive with them! The blocks look great! And yeah, have a little lack of motivation here, too. Maybe it's just that it's summer?

  7. What a great idea! Are all the walkers of a standard size? Surely you can come up with a more creative solution than taking that bag all apart.

  8. Love the walker bags - something our guild could make/gift.

  9. Great idea walker bags. I do that too, work on things to avoid doing what I have to do. Then I am scrambling.

  10. That is a really neat idea for the Veterans! Your group does such good work!


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