Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wedding Signature Quilt

My youngest son got married in May 2015.  I made a signature quilt, for people to sign at the reception.  I got the idea from Carla.  She was happy for me to 'steal' her idea.

Wedding Signature quilt top
up close of Connor & Krystal's initials

I should have finished this quilt before their first anniversary, but.....obviously, I didn't.  I didn't want to just put a jumble of the leftover fabrics together to make the backing.  I had lots of 'bonus' half square triangles leftover from all of the block corners.  I also had lots of extra blocks (just in case).  I wanted to figure out how to use them in the backing.  

I laid out the extra signature blocks.
extra signature blocks on back
 I then trimmed the half square triangles.  It took time, since I dropped my bloc loc ruler last month, and broke the corner off.  Can't use it with a broken corner.  I got a new bloc loc ruler last weekend.  Well worth the $$$$ to get a new ruler.  

After all the HST's were trimmed, I figured out how I wanted to use them in blocks.  I made 24 blocks (yes, I still have some leftover HST's).  I surrounded the center blocks.
backing, almost done
 I then stitched more of the blue fabric, used in the strips, and finished the backing.
finished backing
The quilt top was pieced on one of my hand cranks.
1959 Singer Spartan hand crank
 I pieced the backing on another hand crank.
1927 Singer 15 hand crank

I won't get to baste or quilt this until late next month.  I'll quilt it on a treadle.  

The binding will be made from this fabric that is used for the center initials on the front, and also the center squares of the 24 blocks I made for the backing.
fabric for binding
Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. The backing turned out great. I understand about not finishing things when you want to, I still haven't finished quilting our anniversary quilt from last year and our anniversary is Aug. 5!

  2. Your signature quilt turned out very nice. It will surely be cherished. Great back and way to use the bonus HST.

  3. What a great idea - it looks wonderful, and with all the signatures will be so full of memories for the happy couple.

  4. The back is as pretty as the front and it looks like it took more work, so now it's a reversible quilt :).

  5. I agree the back is as lovely as the front. Great job!
    I have a signature quilt still waiting in the wings for ideas of how to put those little pieces together.

  6. I love two sides quilts! They will treasure it always!!

  7. A wonderful memory quilt! And it's a twofer!

  8. What a gorgeous memory quilt! I agree that the Bloc Loc is worth it's price. They will cherish this quilt - both sides! ~Jeanne

  9. You made two quilts!! But I love that extra touch for the back of this special quilt.

  10. The front and back of the quilt are very pretty. I like the fabric you have picked for the binding. Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.

  11. Love the front and back, and the binding will be perfect for it. Lucky kids.

  12. I really like the idea of a signature quilt to remember a special event. You've done a stellar job with both of yours. I might pinch your idea ;)!

  13. Love it Cheryl!!! And a pieced back is always a bonus :*). I'm a Bloc-Loc fan too - can't do without it!!!

  14. Wonderful backing. You did a great job of using the blocks and pieces you had left. Hope the quilting goes smoothly for you next month.

  15. Very graphic quilt, fresh looking. Love the machines you pieced it on. I just love the Bloc-Locs. Now I do way more HSTs.

  16. What wonderful labor or love, Cheryl!

  17. It turned out great ! Such a fun quilt to make for a great occasion ; )


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