Friday, July 15, 2016

Batavia Quilt Show

I went to the Batavia Quilt Show this afternoon.  It will also be open on Saturday and Sunday.  I haven't gotten to attend this show for a couple of years, since it was the same weekend as the Michigan TOGA.  The TOGA was moved up a month this year, so, I got to attend again.  I also put a quilt in the show this year.  

I took lots of pictures, but, this is only part of the show.  The theme this year is quilted memories (weddings, births, special events, etc).  Not all quilts had to fit this category.
(you can click on each photo to make it larger).

 This next quilt is all  hand pieced.

 The next quilter is a quilty friend of mine. There are quilts by several of my quilty friends in this show.

 Next is the quilt I entered in the show.  I know you have all seen it before.  Intertwined, my son's wedding quilt. 

 This is the third quilt show this quilt has been in this year.  This is the first time that they have shown the back of the quilt (fully).  It got lots of comments while I was around it.  

The next quilt was a total surprise to me.  I'm a member of Treadle On.  It is a group for treadle and hand crank machines.  It was started around 1998.  I've been a member since 2009.  Treadle On has block exchanges frequently.  This quilt is from one of the earlier exchanges, yet, I recognized several of the names, and people I've received blocks from in later block exchanges.   Two of the blocks below are from the founder and former leader of Treadle On, Captain Dick.  What a special quilt!

 I guess I need to get my Treadle on blocks out and make something with them.  

Here are more quilts.

 This next quilt is HUGE!  I've never seen anything like it before.

This next quilt is similar to the Rectangle Island quilt I made last year.   

There were a few vintage baby quilts, too.

I've had several family members live in Albuquerque over the decades.  We were there in May for a family wedding.  Of course, this quilt caught my eye.

I have this pattern somewhere.  I really need to find it and make it.

There is also a vendors mall at this quilt show.  I was excited, since I needed book #4 in the Bunco Club Series, by Karen DeWitt.   I met Karen at this quilt show, several years ago, when her first book came out.  Her last book came out this Spring.  
Karen DeWitt, author
 Karen and I follow each other's blogs, and see each other at various quilt shows.  We've been vendors at the same show twice now (my large quilt guild, Pride of the Prairie).

I highly recommend reading Karen's books.  They are about a group of Bunco players and friends, and they also quilt.  Karen has done a wonderful job of character development throughout the series.  You'll want to read each book, to find out more about each Bunco character.  

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  I'll be heading to Ottawa, IL in the morning, to attend another quilt show.  Yes, I'll be taking pictures.



  1. Love the theme of this show - the variety of quilts just adds such charm to that theme too.

  2. Great Photos, Cheryl. thanks for sharing!
    I'll miss you at this year's Arkansas TOGA. I'm looking forward to your entry in this year's pincushion exchange in November. Cheers!

  3. Wow! There are some gorgeous quilts. It is so much fun to see the different 'Memory' quilts and I did enjoy seeing your Intertwined again. Thanks for taking us along. ~Jeanne

  4. I love when you go to a quilt show because I get to go to a quilt show :). Lot's of beautiful "doable" quilts, thanks for sharing.

  5. This is wonderful: it feels like we have also been at the quilt show! I'm from St. Charles but have lived in the Twin Cities (MN) for the past decade and it was touching to read all of the names, places, and stories behind those works of art. Thank you!

  6. Lots of eye candy here. That first quilt, Geneva, is a real eye popper. Love the hot air balloons too.

  7. Great photos and quilts! Thanks for sharing and posting!

  8. Thanks for showing your show. Love to see all the quilts.

  9. Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous quilts.

  10. What a great idea for a show and a wonderful variety of eye candy.
    I saw those owls hooting at me as I passed too. What a lot of inspiration in one post!


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