Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Keeping Busy!

In case you thought I was resting here, think again!  I've been busy, but, not all of it shows.

First, I've been preparing for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop!  I have 3 different blog posts in the blog hop.  I just finished writing the first, since I'll be out of town when it posts.

I'll be at the Michigan TOGA this next weekend (Treadle On Gathering & Academy).  I'll be playing with vintage sewing machines.  If you want to see what I'll be doing, check out these blog posts from previous years, 2016, 2015, 2014.  This is my 4th year to attend this TOGA, and I can't wait!  I've packed my bags for the raffle table, and also my Ugly Fabric projects.  Don't worry, you'll get a blog post all about the TOGA when I get home.

After finishing up my projects for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, and gathering everything for the Michigan TOGA, I decided to prep 14 more Project Bags, for some exchanges, etc.  I've already given away some of the first bags I made, and, I've had requests for some, for my large quilt guild, for the silent auction at our next quilt show, March 10-11, 2018.
14 Project bag backs, basted, waiting to be quilted
Yes, some of those pictured above are doubles, so, I only showed one of the pieces.  The treadle fabric on top, will be made for future raffle tables at future TOGA's I attend.  A couple of these need to be made completely on either treadles or hand cranks, no motors, so, that should prove interesting.  The quilting part will be easy, but, the stitching the zipper, plastic, and binding, since I have to go so slow, and use 2 hands, will be a bit more challenging.  We'll see how they work out.

I also basted the watermelon table topper.  I'm thinking of quilting this with rulers, like in my ruler class.  I may also use rulers on some of the Project bag backs, too (at least the ones that don't have to be made on a treadle or hand crank machine).  That will be good practice, and I'm really bad about practicing my machine quilting skills.
watermelon topper, ready to be quilted
At my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin', Kandy taught us how to make hexagon hot pads.  Here is my finished hot pad.
finished hexagon hot pad
These are the kind that you turn inside out after you stitch them.  We prepped all the pieces at guild, from kits that Kandy made, then took them home for the stitching.  I love that in my little quilt guild, the members take the time to teach each other great projects like this.  I'll have to make some more of these, and, since Kandy gave us all a template, I can!  Thanks Kandy!

There is still time to join in Kevin's Sapphire Star Mystery quilt along.  His 2nd clue won't be released until at least July 27th.  One clue a month, finishing Oct-Nov.  Easy Peasy!

Don't forget the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop starts on Friday, July 14th. 

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Have a Great Week!


  1. You have been busy and more busy!!! Enjoy your retreat and all the fun you have lined up. Looking forward to your posts and holiday projects.

  2. Lots of busy projects. Enjoy your retreat and please share with us again - love seeing the vintage machines. AND I can't wait to see what you have for us during the hop.

  3. Your project bags you have cut out look fabulous love the fabrics. Cute pot holder. Enjoy your TOGA gatherings.

  4. I saw some Singer fabric the other day and immediately thought of your project bags. Enjoy the TOGA! ~Jeanne

  5. You definitely haven't been resting! What a cute watermelon table topper and the hot pat is such a great idea. I'm looking forward to see more of the Christmas in July blog hop!

  6. Seems like you have been wearing your track shoes again! WOW girl! Thanks for all the heads ups. I can't sew... My machine is really whacked and needs a Medic.

  7. I think I am busy ... until I read your post! Take care!

  8. Cute fabric. I am looking at two featherweights this weekend. One Green(white) the other red! I may have to buy both!

  9. Oh I wish I was coming to the TOGA this weekend.
    Have a great time, take lots of pictures and tell us all about it when you get home!


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