Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Books, Dragons and a Fantasy Land!

 I've stitched a few things since I last posted.  I made 2 fabric books for my grandkids.  I didn't want to use batting between the pages, so I used fusible interfacing instead.  One is a Christmas book.

The other book is a color book in both English and Spanish.

My Treadle On group started years ago with lots of fun and fantasy.  Captain Dick (who started the group and ran it until 2013) has quite the imagination, and invented a whole other world for sewing machines.  It was the Island of Olde Treadleonia.  For several years I've wanted to turn the map of Olde Treadleonia into an embroidery.  Well, I finally got started on it.  

map of Olde Treadleonia

First, I traced the map onto white paper.

my traced map

Then I took my traced map to Office Depot to get it enlarged 180%.  I had to settle for several different 'parts' of the map that I had to tape together.  Then I traced the enlarged map onto fabric.

map traced onto fabric

Well, the original map has colors, so I decided to color my map, too.  I've never colored an embroidery before.  A while back I bought some fabric pastel dye sticks at Goodwill (unopened).  After reading the directions, it seemed simple to do.

I think it turned out well.

colored map

I prepped it for embroidery.  I've done quite a bit now, but don't have a photo of what I've done.  

ready to stitch

We moved all the chatter about Olde Treadleonia to another group (also started by Captain Dick), called Quilt Along.  

Well, Olde Treadleonia has magical creatures, including Dragons!  The Quilt Along group decided to have a challenge: Dragons! Well, my Thunder of Dragons has grown!  The day I got the map enlarged, my son and I went to Blain's Farm & Fleet.  Guess what jumped into my cart?  Meet Fred the dragon.  

Fred wanted more dragons around, so I started stitching 2 dragons.  I had a pattern...

Remember, I've never stitched clothes or followed patterns other than quilt patterns (till Gwendolynn's dresses in the last blog post) and I've never made 'stuffies' before, either.  I decided to make my dragons in an unorthodox method, since I knew that stitching on Minky fleece and fake fur would be difficult.  I made copies of the pattern using my printer, and stitched thru the copied pattern pieces, like paper piecing.  

see all that black fake fur sticking out from the pattern? Messy!

body of dragon

Stitching thru the paper really helped, especially trying to match all the points on black fake fur (you can't see the dots or other bits on black fake fur).  

These dragons were very fiddly (and very messy, with black fake fur parts all over my sewing room).

Meet Scarlet.


It took 2 stores to find Scarlet's yellow fabric.  I'd found a gold fabric, but didn't like it with the red.  Since I liked the gold, I found the black fake fur and decided to make 2 dragons.  

Meet Bumble.


Scarlet & Bumble

Bumble got his name from the gold fabric.  It has honeycombs and  bumblebee's on it.

Bumble's fabric bumblebee

Here is my Thunder of Dragons!

I mailed my grandson's quilt (and Gwendolynn's dresses) to Alaska. They arrived almost 2 weeks before expected (great job USPS).  When they opened the box, Gwendolynn decided she had to try on each dress (no photos, but I got to see them open the box on Skype).  Gwendolynn LOVED her new dresses!  Don't worry, I got Korin some new clothes, too.  Well, Declan was asleep when they opened the box, but my daughter in law sent photos of Declan with his new quilt (Fractured Diamonds).

all three grandkids on the quilt


A diet update:

As of Sunday, I've lost 49 pounds.  That is almost 50 lbs in 6 months (6 months will be tomorrow).  It has slowed down, partly as expected, and also because I haven't had much time to exercise the past 5-6 weeks (traveling and crazy work schedule).  I'm not shooting for a weight, but for a size that I can maintain.  I still have a ways to go.  So far, I've been able to stick with the diet EVERYDAY for 6 months!  I've found ways to cut calories (reduced calorie breads, etc.) and still have dessert (low calorie ice cream).  My eating habits will have to change for life.  I will get to add some things back in (in moderation) when I reach my goal size.  Till then, I keep taking clothes to Goodwill.  


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I am in a plateau right now. (arrgh)

    I love the dragons - the "mess" is why I never want to sew with fake fur fabrics.

  2. Dragons are cute. Good way to do them. Got to dr today hope to get rid of boot... been sewing some.

  3. I am loving this whole blog post!! Babies with quilts - Oh my - makes my heart so happy and that all three had to get in on it!!
    LOVE olde Treadleonia - what a fun concept!!!
    and wow!! Congrats on the weight!! that is truly awesome!!!

  4. My your have been busy! Love the dragons. I can't remember if you have shared your diet program, but with so much staying at home my weight has been going up :-S How did you accomplish so much in such a short period of time?

  5. Your dragons and your grandchildren are very cute!

  6. Your dragons are so cute as are your grandbabies. Congratulations on the weight loss!

  7. The stuffies and the babies are CUTE!!! Love the Olde Treadleonia Map!!! Next time ask them to print on the Map/Large format printer. It is worth the slightly higher fee. Congrats on the 'loss', I hope you never find it again!!!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! Neat to embroider that treadleonia map! That was a long time ago!!!

  9. Looks like Declan got a kick out of that quilt. Nothing like the help those dragons seem to be giving ... or is that the cheering squad? I'm sure glad I don't have to lose weight. It sounds like a real challenge.

  10. Oh my - you've certainly been having fun! The dragons are adorable! Congrats on your weight loss and learning new ways to stay healthy!

  11. I had a house load of grandkids all of July. The one went home to Oregon so I am playing blog catch up. The dragons are awesome! They are so cute. Your littles are so cute. Keep up the good work on the weight loss. I stalled out with kids, work, etc. I started finding local hiking trails to get out and about more. I also know I need to start going to the gym to work on firming up my body.


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