Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Some Finishes

 I've had a few finishes the past month that I haven't shown.  Just before both of my trips, I finished the embroidery on 2 more Harry Potter blocks.

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Tremble
Broken Balls: When Fortunes Turn Foul
Curses and Counter-Curses

both blocks

On the trip, I finished the binding on my grandson's baby quilt (only 2+ months late, and still not mailed yet).  The pattern is called Fractured Diamonds.  It was really quick to make, I was just really s-l-o-w getting it quilted and finished.

I don't put labels on quilts that I back with Minkee, but I do use my little labels I bought a while back.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with all the extra 'Wiggles' fabric left over from my granddaughter's quilt.  I found a pattern online for a T-Shirt dress, and decided to make these.  I did change a few things up.  Since I used white fabrics and light pink fabrics on two of the dresses, I decided to line those dresses with white fabric.  I also hemmed the other dress in step #3 instead of at the end of the process.  It just seemed easier that way.  I stitched these on a hand crank until the very end, when I used a serger to join the skirt and T-Shirt parts together.

1927 Singer 15 hand crank

With these dresses, I FINALLY learned how to use a serger!  My oldest son has used my serger's (he's made fleece vests and a Star Wars dress shirt) but I haven't.  I did try (for about 5 minutes) way back when I got my first serger (I have 3 serger's now), but I broke the thread, and never touched one again.  My son showed me how to use one.  I have a few more projects that I want to use a serger with.

I finished my fabric baskets from the TOGA class I taught.  I'd cut out 8 sets of fabric baskets, but gave 5 of the sets away so that other's could participate (there are always those who decide last minute to participate).  The first basket I finished at the TOGA.  The other 2 baskets just needed top stitching and the liners stitched closed.  The bottom baskets are holding some of the fabrics I got from the raffle table.

I got some goodies at the TOGA.  Here are a few of them.  A lady who couldn't attend the TOGA, but wanted to contribute, made several wood items that were sold for donations to the TOGA fund.  She made several binding tools (roll your binding on the spindle to keep it neat and easy to stitch onto your quilt).  She also made the 2 in 1 tools (wooden presser end and awl on the other end) and several different seam rippers.  The pin cushion was from the raffle table (who can't use another pin cushion)?

goodies from the TOGA

coaster from Missy

Now to go get some work done on some other projects.  

PS:  I'm behind on reading blog posts (sorry) since I didn't have time on the 2 trips, but I'll get caught up soon.  I miss reading everyone else's posts.


  1. I LOVE your fractured diamonds quilt. You used the fabric so well!

  2. The quit is gorgeous. I love the pincushion you got at TOGA too. The dresses turned out great. Wonderful use of the extra fabric.

  3. In addition to your travels, you have been BUSY! The Fractured Diamonds quilt is so striking - I love it! Those little dresses are darling. ~Jeanne

  4. You really poured on the sewing ... and the dresses are really cute!!! I am behind on reading too... and I will never catch up. I will read what I can... for now.

  5. You are just so talented...and hard working. Thanks for sharing your ideas and finishes.

  6. Dresses are cute. Great items from TOGA

  7. Fractured Diamonds is 'sew' pretty! So now that you have used the serger what do you think?

  8. The fractured diamonds quilt is beautiful! I've wanted to make a quilt in that design for some time now and there are so many options--yours is one of the best I've seen yet!

  9. I love that fractured diamond quilt too. Has been on my to do list since first you showed it. And what cute dresses. You are amazing at all you get done. I need to "talk" with you off the blog. What is best way? Thanks.

  10. You had a LOT of finishes!!! that fractured diamond is lovely! and the harry potter ones - too cool!!


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