Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Wiggles Quilt

 Monday is my granddaughter's 3rd Birthday.  She loves Emma and the Wiggles.  When I saw that fabric had been released for the Wiggles, I knew I had to make her a quilt.  The fabric was really hard to find.  I prefer yardage, but I managed to find a panel and lots of fat quarters.  This is what I came up with.  The photo looks drab (bad lighting) but it is a bright quilt.

Since I had so many extra fat quarters, I decided to use them in the backing.

I used the 2 extra pinwheel blocks for the center of the back of the quilt.

I decided to have fun with the quilting. I only do straight line quilting, and this is the pattern I came up with (yes, I use scrap paper to to take notes on and to try out ideas).

practice quilting pattern

I quilted it using a variegated thread (King Tut's Cleopatra).  I've used this thread many times.  I'm almost out, so I had to order more for the next quilt. 

I finished up by making a faux piping binding.  Since I didn't have yardage, I used 2 fat quarters for the binding, alternating the blue and red.

faux piping binding

The quilt is washed and ready to be shipped to Alaska.  I know, it probably won't arrive in time, but that's ok. She'll get to celebrate her birthday again when it arrives. 


  1. I've never heard of Wiggles. Very cute panels and great use of the FQs front and back.

  2. She will love this! It is darling and I love how you used your extras for the backing and binding. ~Jeanne

  3. I don't know anything about Emma and the Wiggles, but you sure made a quilt your GD will love.

  4. Very cute. I do not know Emma and the Wiggles but she looks like I would love to be her friend.
    I too use leftover pieces of the front of quilts to piece backings. Love how you incorporated everything to go together. Nice job.

  5. Absolutely lovable! She will love it. Interesting quilting. I may try it. I've done some freehand, bug mostly straight lines. The mock flange binding is on my to do one day list.

  6. The pinwheels work so perfectly with this quilt. You done great.

  7. Not sure if our mail delays here were only storm related, but in the last few weeks we have really had some issues!!! Hopefully the package will fly on swift wings!! The quilt and back are lots of fun!

  8. Super cute gift quilt, Cheryl!! Your granddaughter will love it.

  9. A+ Absolutely Fabulous Quilt.

  10. That's adorable and I'm sure your granddaughter will love it!!!

  11. Hello Cheryl,
    What a lovely present for a little girl, so many pictures in the fabrics to keep her fascinated, and I'm sure quilts always come in handy in Alaska!
    Thank you for linking up with Free motion Mavericks.
    Love, Muv


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