Saturday, January 15, 2022

First finish of 2022 & More

 It's been hard to get to my keyboard these past few weeks.  The puppy wants to lay in my lap, and that blocks the keyboard.

laying in my lap, blocking the keyboard

We named the puppy.  His AKC name is Dread Pirate Roberts, but we're calling him Westley.  His name comes from the movie The Princess Bride. Westley has been supervising what sewing I've been getting done this year.

My little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin' is having a UFO Challenge this year.  I had everyone list 12 different UFO's.  Each month, I will draw a number, and everyone will work on that UFO for the month.  Since I have soooooo many UFO's, I listed at least 2 different UFO's for each month.  We drew #12 to work on in January. This is my #12 list:

12.  Striped Circles Shadow quilt (Wego Holiday Party– Dec 2019) *BONUS – Halloween table runners (3) & placemats (Fall 2010 on 1896 Singer 15 treadle)

Back in December 2019, I was given the striped charm squares that Thelma won at my little quilt guild's Holiday party.  We're supposed to bring a finished quilt top by the next Holiday party, but, since I didn't win the charm squares (Thelma won them), I didn't get my quilt top finished until last week.  The blocks have been done since late Spring 2021, waiting for me to get back to them.  Sorry for the photos, but I haven't had a place to take photos.  

Striped Circles quilt top

After I took this photo, I noticed that I accidentally got 2 matching circles next to each other. 

Oops!  2 matching circles next to each other

Since these circles are all hand appliqued onto each square, this was a simple fix.  I just took the bottom circle off and put another circle in it's place.  


finished 'corrected' quilt top

Woohoo!  My first finish of 2022!  Well, I still had lots of charm squares (I'd cut out dozens of them after the Holiday party) and I also still had leftover striped circles.  I figured I'd use them on the back of the quilt.  

1st stack of leftover striped charm squares

2nd stack of striped charm squares

stitching striped charm squares together on my 1927 Singer 15 hand crank sewing machine

All the circles had been stitched on the machine above, so I figured everything else would also be stitched on the same machine.  I did hand applique all the circles onto the background squares.

Well, I started laying out the rows of striped charm squares, and was trying to figure out where to use the rest of the striped circles.  After looking at the rows, etc, I began thinking that this looked like a whole other quilt top, not a backing.  Hmmm....

looks more like another quilt top than a backing

I've been sewing the circles onto the cream strips.  I have Ladies Crafting at church today, and that is my hand project that I'll be working on.  I'm slow at hand work, so this will take me some time to get all the circles stitched down.  Do you think this should be another quilt top, or just the backing of the Striped Circle Shadows quilt????  Let me know what you think in the comments below, please (my email address is listed under my profile, if you can't comment below).

Back in December, I made an apron for the lady who picked up my 1913 Willcox & Gibbs treadle in Santa Monica, CA.  Nancy held the treadle from October until early December.  We'd chatted that she had an apron that she loved, but it needed to be replaced.  It didn't tie, but instead, it had straps that crossed on the back.  Well, I found an apron pattern online that sounded like the apron she wanted replaced.  

Tessuti Apron pattern

The Tessuti Apron pattern was a free download.  The pattern suggests a heavier fabric, but I wanted to use some of my sewing themed fabric.  It worked well.  I did change how the pocket was done, since I used black fabric, and I wanted the pocket to show up.  I added piping and lace around the pocket.  I also added one of my tags to the pocket. Since regular quilting cotton fabric isn't wide enough for this pattern (it calls for 60" wide fabric), I had to piece the fabric to make it work.  I carefully added fabric where needed and felled the seams so that it would look nice. This apron will be headed to Nancy next week.

front of apron

back of apron

piping & lace added to the pocket

my tag

back of my tag

felled seams, to make the fabric wide enough

I also picked up another sewing machine in December.  A lady in the Chicago area was selling all of her Willcox & Gibbs sewing machines.  I got first pick, and I bought an electric (yes, electric sewing machine).  Now I own all three styles of Willcox & Gibbs sewing machines (hand crank, treadle & electric).  This is my new electric.

1925 W&G electric

W&G with the foot pedal

The foot pedal on the electric W&G is HEAVY!!!  I think that it weighs at least 10 pounds!  The machine, in it's box, with the motor and foot pedal weighs 40-50 pounds.  You have to be strong to haul around the electrics.  The hand crank, on the other hand, only weighs 1.5 - 2 pounds total.  

When I picked up my new electric W&G, I also picked up 4 other W&G machines for a friend (treadle, electric in a cabinet and 2 more portable electrics).  

Lisa's treadle

Lisa's electric in cabinet

Lisa's electric #1

Lisa's electric #2

On Christmas Eve, I picked up another machine, from another local person.  I'm holding this machine for someone on the East Coast.

German hand crank

I'll be taking all 5 machines to the Texarkana TOGA later this Spring.  


Weight Loss update:

Woohoo!  I have now lost 82 pounds.  I'll be going on maintenance, also under doctor supervision, after my next appointment (next Wednesday).  I'm down in size 12 pants (and a few size 10's, too).  My goal was to get to size 12 again.  I'll be on maintenance for 6 months.  I can't wait to add more calories to my diet.  The changes I've made are lifestyle changes, but I will get to re-introduce some favorites back into my diet, even though I'll have to be careful what I eat from now on.  The thing I'm missing the most the last 6 weeks is my Meijers Purple Cow Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.  It's even out of stock online.  Darn all these food supply chain shortages.  

Don't forget to let me know what you think about the Striped Circles quilt tops!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss!

  2. Woohoo on the weight loss and hitting maintenance. I am still stuck. Sigh. I love the circles, and the back looks like it too, could be its own quilt. Awe Wesley is too cute.

  3. I think 2 quilts with the circles. Congrats on the weight loss. Cute puppy

  4. Yeah on weight loss. I think it is another quilt. Puppy so cute. Busy with machines. They look fun

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! Just love those stripe circles set on the black ones - may have to immatate.

  6. Congratulations on making your weight loss goal! You have done well! I am about to make a cross back apron from another pattern. It is designed to be be reversible but I don't like aprons reversible or heavy so it will be a single layer of quilting cotton. I am encouraged to continue with my plan to use a single layer since your version of the Tessuti was successful. I also love the circles quilt. You did a beautiful job with the applique.

  7. Congrats on your weight loss! You have done a really great job. You have a couple of neat "circle" quilts to work on this month. I love all of the striped fabric. ~Jeanne

  8. Yay you are doing so well!!! On the 2 tops... depends on the quilting!!! Doing it yourself or sending it out... If time is important 2 and send them, if money is important then into the stack of someday, when time permits!!! Me I would back the quilt with the second top because I love a fun back!!!!

  9. I agree with "two quilts" but if you don't really need/want two quilts, then use it as the backing.

  10. Love the puppy name - Princess Bride is a classic! I think the circle quilt backing needs more circles if you want to use it as a quilt on its own. It looks a little "unfinished" as is. Loved seeing all the W&G machines! They are so unique looking. Thanks for the reminder about Texarkana Toga; need to think about this. Congrats on on your continued weight loss and healthy eating!!

  11. I think you should definitely use that as another quilt top!! It's fun and different. I love following you to see all the different machines you get! Congrats on your weight loss, that is terrific:)

  12. What a sweet puppy! And I love your W&G machines.

  13. Westley just stole you whole blog post. ADORABLE!!!!

  14. I have a whole tin of un-cut striped fabric just waiting to be purposed ... of course I have a tin of star fabrics, another of hearts, and a whole bin of polka dots. Hmmm.


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