Saturday, January 21, 2017

Traveling & Goodies!

I've been traveling since the first of the year.  My youngest son and his wife, flew from Anchorage, Alaska, to our hometown of San Angelo, Texas.  My mother & stepfather, inlaws, brother & sister in law, and best friend of almost 40 years all still live in San Angelo.  What a great excuse to drive 1200 miles, and visit everyone!

Sorry, there aren't any pictures of family and friends, since my cell phone was giving me fits from shortly after I left Illinois.  What a pain!  Each time I'd try to take a picture, the phone wouldn't take it, or would shut down.  I was also having a tough time making phone calls, a lot of the time.  It's a 4 year old phone, but, it doesn't seem to like it when I travel.  My camera was never near me, when I wanted to take pictures.  Oh well. 

I was gone a total of 18 days, and went thru 4 states (Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma & Texas).  On the way home, I stopped in St. Louis, and got to have dinner with Kevin the Quilter.  Kevin came and spoke at my little quilt guild two years ago.  There were 3 blog posts about his visit.  Post #1, Post #2 & Post #3.  Kevin also collects vintage machines (he only has a few so far.
Kevin & I at Jackman's Fabrics
Kevin gave me a cute little chicken pin cushion and some fresh eggs, from his chickens. 

Of course, I found a few things at Jackman's Fabrics.
goodies from Jackman's Fabrics

Of course, I stopped at a few quilt shops and antique malls along the way.  I stopped at one quilt shop twice (coming and going),  The Stitching in Burkburnett, Texas.  They are having a BOM, and will mail the blocks to you.  I decided to sign up on the way home.
BOM info (on the website above)

goodies from
Of course, I chose the wildflowers version.  We provide our own background material, and they ship you the rest.  While at Jackman's in St Louis, I found the perfect background material to go with the wildflower fabrics.  Doesn't the barb wire fabric go great?!?!?
some of the fabrics for the wildflower BOM
*Yes, I know they are sending me the fabrics, but, I just couldn't pass up 'extra' fabrics, in case I want to make something else with them.

I also found some cute fabric at an antique mall in Illinois, on the way home.  This will make a cute baby quilt.

I 'collected' some other goodies on the trip, too.  I love Teapots! (check out the title of my blog).  I got 2 teapots on this trip.  One is a gift from my BFF, and the other one, we found together, at an antique shop.
teapot from Michele is the one on the left
Here are the two pin cushions I came home with.  The bear is from Alaska, and the chicken is from Kevin.
pin cushions
I also found some cute little things, too.  I had to get the purple cow, since my favorite poem from 2nd grade has a purple cow.

I never saw a Purple Cow,
I never hope to see one,
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I’d rather see than be one!

Frister & Rossmann Model E #1654855

lid is decorated on both sides

attachments that came with it

'E' showing Model E

decorated on the base

1950's Singer Sew Handy model 20
1950's Japanese 3/4 size class 15

badge on class 15


  1. Sounds like a whirlwind of fun and frolic! So great you could meet up with Kevin. I have been cleaning machines for others. Trying to chip away at getting a lot of tops matche with backings and battings so they can get on my long arm. Thanks for sharing all the adventures!

  2. Fabulous trip and how fun to meet again with Kevin. Some great and fun purchases on your travels.

  3. I don't have an original hand crank yet! I love all of the goodies you got!

  4. What lovely travel and lovely purchases. How fortunate you are to have both your F&R and the Singer 20. I've wanted a singer 20 for ages, ordered one from Ebay--it was cracked and wouldn't work--and that was the last Ebay shopping I did (several years ago)! So glad you got to make the trip and collect lovelies.

  5. Cheryl, glad to hear you are home safe and sound! The new machines are lovely. I am most interested in the DeLuxe. I have one but the badge is different. I wonder if they are from the same Japanese plant or company. Here is mine:

  6. Welcome Home! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and did some great shopping! I love that barb wire fabric! You may need a bigger house for all of your neat sewing machines. ~Jeanne

  7. Oh, boy, you had some big time shopping.....all the Texas blue bonnet fabrics are wonderful and the bar wire print is very cool. And lunch with Kevin sounds great. But all the machines are perfect for you.....never know what you will find. Sounds like it was worth the 1200 miles.

  8. It sounds like you had a great time and found some amazing things. That first machine is gorgeous and that last one was meant to be, LOL. I'm glad you're home.

  9. Your trips sounds marvelous, you have some gorgeous fabrics, and lots of great treasures. Let me know what you think of the Churn Dash Book, I have been eyeballing it.

  10. Love your new machines! And lucky you traveling and visiting, and even meeting up with Kevin... you are living the dream my friend!

  11. Happy to hear that you had a safe trip and a happy one. As to the phone, it could be your carrier. Love the machines, especially the Frister Rossman. Beautiful. I'm not planning any trips to Texas presently, but one never knows! :D By the way, I was born in Midland.
    Hugs, Deb

  12. Nothing half way for you! Three new machines, atta girl!
    Love reading this blog.

  13. Gorgeous teapots and you are quite the sewing machine collector! they are beautiful regardless if they run or not. take care from Iowa

  14. Gorgeous teapots and you are quite the sewing machine collector! they are beautiful regardless if they run or not. take care from Iowa

  15. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I love the tea pots. I collect them also. I also love the fabric, and am checking out the BOM. I hope that I have finally fixed the fact that I was a no reply blogger, but if not I will keep working on it as I am not sure if I went to the right place to fix it.

  16. Boy, you really DID bring home some great things on your trip from Texas. Sorry I could not join you and Kevin for dinner when you hit St. Louis. I am impressed with the beautiful vintage machines that you got. Too many machines and not enough time, would be my problem.

  17. What a great trip! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the blog hop. There is not enough time to sew everything I like myself, so I quilt vicariously through other quilters.

  18. That sounds like a lovely trip - well, without all the cell phone problems of course, which can drive one crazy LOL!!! So great to see you and Kevin together. I'm betting that was a fun visit :*). And what trip is complete without lots of stopping and shopping?

  19. You must have had an amazing trip. I had forgot about the saying about a purple cow. Thanks for the reminding and a smile. I have a jelly roll that I want to make a quilt so please pick a pattern using a jelly roll.

  20. Love the background fabric for the wildflowers BOM

  21. What a whirlwind trip you had. So sorry we couldn't make connections while you were here in SA. Cute headvase you found. I always get the chippy ones, too. The need a loving home and friends. Love, love the Texas wildflower fabrics and barb wire, too. I always buy it when I find it...never can have too many bluebonnets and barbed wire. Great little machines, too. Hope to see you next time you are here.

  22. I had a comment here and suddenly it was gone. Oh technology! I saw your comment about blogging at Sue's blog. Had to come over to say hello. I think google let me follow you too.
    I saw the word tea and had to come check out your blog. I love anything to do with tea.
    I am old school with blogging. I started it because of my dear friend Barbara who became my first pen pal when we were 13. I am over social media. Only went there to visit phamily and friends. It has gotten out of control. They need the turn off comments button! Brutal place! I love my blog and all the friends I have made throughout the last 8 years that I have been blogging. Google allowed me to follow you. It had been giving me the message "Forbid", scary stuff. Anyway I enjyoed seeing your photos and images here. Lovely blog. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing.


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