Friday, May 20, 2022

Some Stitching This Week

 I've gotten some stitching done this week.  I finished some accessories for my black Featherweight that was given to me.  I made a bag for it, to protect it when it is in the rolling sewing machine case, and a cover for the fold down extension tray, to keep the screw from further damaging the tray.  I also made a bag to hold the foot pedal, so that it doesn't rub on the bed of the machine while it is stored.

extension cover and sitting in bag

in the closed bag

foot pedal and cords in the bag

This machine was missing the bobbin case when I got it.  I got a bobbin case for it at the Texarkana TOGA (Thanks Floyd) and she is running great now.  Her name is Carrie, after the lady who gave her to me.

At the TOGA, there was a demo on how to make a Tea Bag Wallet.  Missy cut out the pieces for me, from her material, and I finally got a chance to make mine.  I didn't have any tea bags in my sewing room, so I show it with Post-It notes and Post-It flags.



My little quilt guild had a sew-in Thursday.  I got several blocks stitched (below).

Treadle On, my hand crank and treadle group, is having an Advanced Block Exchange.  We are making blocks for the Radiant Suns quilt in batiks.  I've finished 6 of the blocks so far (only 42 more to go).

Radiant Suns blocks

I made one block with my regular 1/4" foot with a metal guide on the edge, and then I pulled out my Curve Master presser foot to see if it worked better.  The Curve Master adapter was a very tight fit on my machine, but I got it on.  I don't know if it was any better, but it worked for me (with some ripping out and re-stitching on some seams).  I got better after several curved seams.  I'll make a few of these blocks at a time.

stitching Radiant Suns curves

Curve Master presser foot, stitching a curve

I also finished 5 blocks using Pioneer Woman fabrics.

Pioneer Woman fabric blocks

When I finish the other 3 sets of blocks, I'll sub-cut these blocks into 4 pieces.  These will be turned into placemats.

Last night was my large quilt guild's meeting (Pride of the Prairie).  A new member brought several vintage quilt tops that he had been given.  He was given these quilt tops to find them new homes.  I got one of the vintage quilt tops.  Several of us are thinking that this is from the 1940's, and it is all hand stitched.

vintage quilt top

I don't think this will ever lay flat, so I won't get it quilted, unfortunately, but I can use it when I have my vintage sewing machine demo's.  

I have another sew-in Saturday, but I'll just be taking hand work.  I need to finish more sewing kits, so that I'll have one for the Sewing Kit Exchange at the Missouri TOGA in June.


  1. You really stay busy! Love the bag for your Featherweight - it should do a nice job of protecting the machine when it's in the case. I think the Radiant Suns quilt will be gorgeous. When I've done curved seams, I've always pinned at the ends and once in the middle. The blocks have always gone together easily as long as I stitched slowly. I'll stay tuned to see the placemats and more. ~Jeanne

  2. What a clever bag for your Featherweight and the small pouch for the foot pedal. Perfect for traveling with your machine. I don't really have tea bags in my sewing room either so the post-it-notes are perfect for your new little wallet and could be used for all kind of things. I feel that sewing curves is a bit of a learning process but it seems that you got very good at it already. I hope you'll get as nice blocks in the exchange as you've made ;)!!!

  3. You've gotten quite a bit done!!! The Tea Bag Wallet is cute!!! I have learned that I don't carry anything... much at all anymore.

  4. I bought a Curvemaster foot years ago. I didn't find any difference in the results than with using the 1/4" foot.
    I have since gotten better at sewing curves with whatever foot is on there for normal sewing.

  5. I like the idea of your specialty bags for the featherweight. Nice to see you back sewing!

  6. Cute featherweight bag, and great ideas for the extras for it. Cute little holder for the tea bags, could also use it for sugar packets. I love the curve master foot. Oh what a neat find the old quilt.

  7. I have a tea bag holder a friend made me many years ago. always nice to have a couple of tea bags and spenda packets with me. love your bags for the featherweight. I just got mine that was my MIL sewing with help of a friend sews nice.

  8. What a cute featherweight bag!!
    and that vintage quilt - oh wow!! what fun that will be discovering all those fabrics!


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