Monday, August 15, 2022

Finally Some Sewing!

I'm still organizing my new (clean) closet, and I went thru my scraps and organized them by color.  I now have 16 plastic shoe boxes of scraps (1/2 yard or less is a scrap to me).  

Now that the scraps are organized, I finally got some sewing done.  I have 3 upcoming block exchanges that I'm participating in.  The Fall Basic is 4 patch blocks using 1930's reproduction fabrics.  I just need to sign the blocks and mail them now.  These are 6.5" blocks.

Fall Basic 4 patch blocks

I'd finished the Radiant Suns blocks while I was in Texas, but I still needed to make signature blocks for that exchange. We are supposed to use scraps from the blocks we have made so that everyone can tell which blocks we've made (since we aren't signing the Radiant Suns blocks themselves).  The signature blocks are supposed to be 6.5" square.  I made 48 signature blocks (one for each Radiant Suns block I made).  

24 of each of these blocks

12 of each of these blocks

12 of each of these blocks

I've been working on a leaders & enders quilt.  Years ago I wanted to make the Omigosh! quilt by Sue Garmin.  I started cutting fabrics for this June 1st, and started sewing strips together a few days later.  Sue suggests using 27 different fabrics in this quilt, but I know I have more fabrics than that so far, and I think it still needs even more fabrics.  I added fabrics after the Missouri TOGA (I got some at the quilt store there, and some off the raffle table, too).  I made all of the (480) half square triangles while I was at my mother's (using Triangulations papers).  I have lots of 1" strips cut and partially stitched together, and those strips need to be cut down into 1" pieces to make 4 patch units and 9 patch units.  I'm super please with what I've gotten done so far for this quilt.   This quilt is going to be for ME!  Usually, the only quilts I get to keep are ones made from blocks for block exchanges.  

I still need to get working on one more block exchange for 2022.  My Treadle On group is having an attachment block exchange.  I  need to play with my attachments and start making 6.5" blocks (on muslin) for that exchange.  I'm really looking forward to learning how to use some of my attachments.

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  1. Organizing takes a lot of time but it really does help to see and find what one has. I do love those Radiant Sun blocks! ~Jeanne


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