Monday, August 8, 2022

My New Sewing Room Closet

While I was in Texas, helping my mother after her knee replacement, hubby built me shelves in my sewing room closet.  I knew he was doing this, and had to empty the closet before I left (my poor guest bedroom is crammed full of stuff).  Hubby built the shelves to fit Hefty bins.  Two of the smaller bins are the same height as a larger bin.  The center shelf was made to fit my various 12.5" project boxes.  Saturday afternoon, we bought enough bins to fill the shelves (with a few extras, just in case).

showing the corner where I can put bolts of fabric and stabilizers

main part of the shelves with some of my square project boxes

I have a short bookshelf under the closet window.  Hubby found out that it blocks one row of shelves, so he is building me a more narrow bookshelf to go there instead.  Below are photos of the current bookshelf and the problem getting bins on the shelves.  I can't move the bookshelf over any more, or I won't be able to use the closet door.
bookshelf under the closet window

bins don't slide in and out in that space

Hopefully these new shelves will not only help me organize my projects (which have been scattered all over the place) but also help me to keep the closet neater.  

I'm trying to 'relocate' projects into the new bins and label them.  Most of the bins are still empty, since I only got home Friday afternoon.  

This shelving project, and trying to get organized better, has finally gotten me to start sorting my scraps into colors.  For me, a scrap is anything that is less than a yard.  I bought lots of clear plastic shoe boxes at Dollar Tree this Spring just for this.  I've been refolding fabrics (mostly fat quarters and smaller) to fit the shoe boxes.  When I'm done, I'll take photos.  Since I have that lovely space for bolts now, I took all the bolts of fabric off the top of one of my bookcases, and that is where the scrap boxes will go.  Once the scraps are organized, then I can get back to some sewing.  


  1. Nice organization! Once it's done, you'll love it! ~Jeanne

  2. Your closet looks great! Wonderful way to organize.

  3. Aren't you lucky to have such a handy husband. He did a great job and your storage closet looks amazing and so organised. Enjoy having all your stuff handy and knowing where everything is.

  4. Much of my fabric stash is less than a yard!!! My scraps are pretty much small bits!!! But I usually make scrappy stuff, so it works. I use boxes/bins similarly, too. Nice shelves...

  5. Wow - that looks so great!! he is quite handy!!!

  6. Ah nothing like getting organized. Way to go hubs!

  7. Your closet is looking wonderful! Yes organization is good:) mine is sorta organized but still overflowing;)

  8. Lucky you to have such a handy husband.


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