Thursday, August 25, 2022

Oops! and Sewing updates

In my last blog post, I showed the 4 patch blocks I made using 1930's reproduction fabrics for a block exchange.  Oops!  I was supposed to use Civil War reproduction fabrics.  Oh well, now I have blocks made for a future exchange.  I pulled out some Civil War fabrics and made new (correct) blocks.  I still have to sign and mail them.

4 sets of Civil War 4 patch blocks

After I finished the 4 patch blocks, I finished the first of the Angels Among Us (calendar quilt) blocks.  This is the January block.  I still need to add buttons on each of the bird houses, bows to hang the bird houses on the line, and a button on the crown of the snowman angel's halo.  Sorry, the colors in the photo are bad, since I took it at night.

January Angels Among Us block

I'm also participating in another block exchange with Treadle On.  We are using our sewing machine attachments to make blocks using muslin.  I pulled out an attachment I found in the drawer of a Singer 201 that I got at an antique mall back about 9 years ago.  It is called a Monogram Embroidery Guide.

Monogram Embroidery Guide

I didn't have instructions for this foot, but there are video's on YouTube.  It fits on your regular sewing machine foot (vintage metal foot).  It guides your embroidery thread or ribbon so that you can sew it to your fabric.

the guide on my sewing machine foot

I played around with it on some scrap fabric, using a color that I wasn't going to use for the exchange.  I did try to adjust the tension, but nothing seemed to change, no matter what I tried, so I just went with it.  The foot also doesn't like to stay on well.  Here are my test pieces.

test pieces

I made 9 blocks (8 to exchange and one to keep).  I showed how to stitch a straight line, a curved piece and a piece with a sharp corner turn.

one of my finished blocks

I showed you my new sewing room closet.  Hubby finished the new, more narrow bookcase to fit under the windows.  It works well.  Now I can get the plastic tubs in and out easily.

new bookcase


  1. Love your Angels Among Us block. I really should investigate some of the attachments for my machines - I have some that I've never used. Nice, useful bookcase - you are really getting organized! ~Jeanne

  2. Very nice, love the colors. Your bookcase looks so organized. Mine is a mess. Periodically I get it cleaned and organized, but it never seems to stay that way for long, lol.
    Traveling Suitcase

  3. You must be busy sewing since you've not posted recently. LOVE all the pretty fabric on your shelf.
    Traveling Suitcase


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