Friday, July 8, 2016

Some things for Me

I've been meaning to make myself a couple of items, but, I never seem to have the time.  Yesterday I took the time. 

First, I've wanted a travel pillowcase for myself for a long time.  I made two for hubby way back in Jan 2014.  Yesterday, I finally made one for me.
travel pillowcase for me

I don't like zippers
Second, I made hubby some travel trays last summer.  I've been wanting one ever since, but, haven't taken the time to make one for myself.   When we were in Albuquerque in May, I found the perfect fat quarter for this project.  I added some sewing themed fabric to it, and....
4 travel trays

travel trays, layed flat
Two with the glasses fabric up, and two with the sewing themed fabric up.  I used little velcro dots for the corners (NOT sticky back) and stitched them. 

I had some extra fabric from the project, so, I played around and made a couple of other things.  I made two different sized glasses cases, and, I had a tiny piece left, and made a scissors holder with it.
front of cases

back of cases
I've also been working on my Be Attitudes stitching.  I finished the first block.  It just needs some beads for Santa's eyes and a button for the end of his cap.
Be Attitudes blocks, stitched
I've started on the second Be Attitudes block (yes, I'm working backwards, from Dec).  I did more stitching on it after I took the picture last night.
stitching on Be Attitudes block
I have several projects with 'due dates'.  I decided I'd better make a list, so that I can get started on them.  Lots of other projects didn't get listed, since they don't have 'due dates'.
my To Do list (partial)

The Reunion quilts are at the top of the list.  I'm making two identical quilts.  I  had family members sign two blocks each.  One quilt will be raffled off, and the other quilt is for me.  Hubby says I can't finish the raffle quilt till my quilt is finished.  He figures my quilt would never get finished otherwise (smart hubby).  The family reunion is in October.  I guess I'd better get started on these. 

Saturday, my little quilt guild is having a sew-in.  We will be making walker bags for the Veterans homes in Illinois.  I've pulled out some fabrics, but, I still need to cut them out, and gather the supplies. 

What are you working on this weekend?


  1. Glad you took the time to make the darling travel pillowcase and travel trays because now it looks like your are going to be very busy! That's a long list you have - good luck! ~Jeanne

  2. You, my dear, are inspirational! Doing something in twos, I would have thought one for him and one for you.
    On your to do list, do I see a Harry Potter Exchange? What is that, and can I get in on it?

  3. You have been so productive! I've got a mile long list, but can't seem to get motivated to start :-(

  4. Love the sunglasses fabric. I am working on quilting a quilt, and getting another one finished, and hopefully ready to quilt.

  5. I never get around to making myself something. I have the fabric, but don't take the time. I own one quilt. I make and give away and don't make a spare for myself. Love all the pieces you made.

  6. I love to see quilters make something for themselves - yes, we usually wait our turn (which never comes). Lists are good - I am a huge list maker

  7. Glad you took the time for yourself!

  8. When I travel, I always take a small airline size pillow because I can't sleep on the big ones provided at stops. I keep one pillow in my car and have pillow cases for every season. Don't need a zipper, thankfully.
    Many years ago I saw those Be Attitudes blocks posted on a blog and made sketches thinking some day I may want to make something similar. Your blocks just reminded me.

  9. I think I agree with hubbie, your quilt will never be done after seeing how long it took to make the travel accessories for yourself :) Good for you to be making stuff for yourself.

  10. My travel pillow is sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to make a pillow case for it.

  11. My travel pillow is sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to make a pillow case for it.

  12. I need to do that too! I have a little mug rug that I always take with me on trips, but a tray with sides would be so much better! I do have a pillow case that goes with me on retreats.

  13. So fun to see your BeAttitudes blocks... some of the fabrics are the same as in the quilt I made!

  14. Good Sewing for YOU! I love my travel needs a new case...thanks for the reminder. I may have a piece or two or three of sewing themed fabric...LOL!!!


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