Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2 More Finishes

The last 2 purses are finished!  That makes 7 different bags/purses made this month.  Whew!  I think I'm tired of purses.

3 of the purses/bags reached their destinations yesterday, and were greeted enthusiastically. 

These 2 were mailed today, and are eagerly anticipated by Betty.

Betty selected these fabrics back in January.  The last 2 purses will be given as presents in the next few months. 

Now to figure out what to work on next. It's not like I don't have a l-o-n-g list of 'to do' projects, but, I just don't know what I 'want' to work on right now.  I think I have the yucky weather doldrums.

I'm in charge of my little quilt guild's meeting next month (next Monday) and I can't figure out what I want to 'demo' or teach.  Since we are so little, we teach each other different things every month.  Any ideas????  I taught ribbon bookmarks in February, and Jinnie had kits for us to make  wool needle keepers in March.  It's always hard to come up with ideas, and only a few of us are willing to stand up and teach something. 


  1. Great job on the purses! I can understand why you want to do something else! Have you done fabric coasters at one of your meetings? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wilwGHhBmVs/Tpcp0vLX_LI/AAAAAAAAAko/dCl4Gtw2yP8/s1600/coasters.jpg
    or how about 2 sided binding? Good Luck finding a topic... ~Jeanne

  2. This tutorial does Easter eggs from paper strips, I think it would work with fabric strips! It could be cut idea to share.

    1. You are no-reply, so, I can't respond to you directly. What a great idea! I may try this. Thanks!

  3. THose are some good suggestions. I wish I could add more!

  4. Good for you for teaching your quilt group members something new, although I can imagine that it's not easy to come up with something new all the time. Thank goodness there's Pinterest ;)! Gorgeous bags you made for Betty! Wow, 7 bags in one month, that's quite an achievement.

  5. Love the bags....and 7 is a lot. I agree it is time to make a want to project.

  6. I get that "what now" feeling every once in a while, I always think it's because there's just so much to do I don't want to do any of it. Pinterest is a good place to look for ideas for a project and maybe you'll come across something you want to make too.


  7. Can you teach them your method for making some bags? I get why you want to do something besides bags right now. I make purses to sell and one time I did a huge batch of 15-I was so sick of them!

  8. I know you are a paper piecer... not everyone is. That might be a good demo.
    Love your purses, but 7? I made two potholders and got sick of them! LOL Not the paper piecing parts, just the put together part.
    Hang in there Cheryl, spring will come soon.

  9. Your purses are lovely and I csan see why you want to do something else for a while. I think the paper piecing idea is a good one given that there are several methods to paper piecing, What about the freezer paper method where you don't actually sew through the paper. I know you will come up with some great idea. Be sure and share when you do. :)

  10. Since it is close to a holiday how about casserole carriers too. Gorgeous bags.


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