Thursday, June 13, 2019

National Sewing Machine Day!

June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day! 

Actually, there are TWO National Sewing Machine days each year, June 13th and September 10th.  Twice the celebration!

To celebrate, I'm showing more of my Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine embroideries that I've finished. 

Vintage Sewing Machine #5
Vintage Sewing Machine #6

I actually have a Casige toy machine that a friend gave me.  Mine is a different model.
Casige toy sewing machine

How will YOU be celebrating National Sewing Machine Day?


  1. Great machines and handwork! Traveling today by quilt bus to Ottawa to see the Canada National Quilt show.

  2. I will look at my sewing machines from a distance ... all of them... and dream of actually sewing quilts or quilting... for a few more days .. at least. Actually have 2 projects that are nearly done, one is outdoor and the other a gift.

  3. I am headed to the MN Quilt show today and tomorrow.

  4. I will be sewing a binding on a customer quilt this morning then traveling to my daughter to stay with her after her surgery yesterday fro the rest of week and weekend. Hope to sew tomorrow at her house and finish a table runner for a class I am teaching in July.

  5. Lots of sewing machines to admire here LOL. And, I even did some sewing on my white FW. Love your embroideries!

  6. I spent my day making up quilts to be quilted at guild.

  7. LOVE these embroidered miniature machine embroideries!


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