Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quilt Show and Cutting out Quilts

Today was the Parade for Prairie Fest in Oswego, Illinois.  Hubby is in the parade each year with his barbershop chorus.  I go with him and check out the quilt show before the parade. 

I didn't take many photos this year.  This is a small quilt show, held in a former one room schoolhouse.

This quilt was the first one I saw as I walked in the door.  The sign said that her 92 year old mother needed a sewing project, so they each stitched half the blocks. 
States quilt

up close of one of the blocks

The Quilter's Dozen, who have this show are a group of hand quilters.  They make a raffle quilt each year.  This is this year's raffle quilt.
this year's raffle quilt

Here are some of the other quilts.

This next one isn't finished.  The quilt maker died in 1923, before she finished the quilt.

I liked how this next quilt was made, with the panel in the center, then the blocks using the same panel on the sides.

This next quilt, the maker made one for a raffle quilt, then liked it so much that she made another one for herself.  I like the buttons on the border (2nd photo).

Here are a few more quilts.

They had a special display of quilts made by a legally blind lady.  Her son contacted the Quilter's Dozen and donated some of her partial quilts.  They asked him to put some of her quilts in the show. 
Laura May Howse Dow McDuffee

This last quilt was made for an Eagle Scout.  This isn't the first time this lady has made a quilt for an Eagle Scout. 

I didn't get a photo of the float trailer, since I was riding on it.  I did get a photo of the guy on stilts walking behind us.  I've shown this same guy before, when he walked in front of us a few years ago.
guy on stilts, and one of the barbershoppers on our float

On Saturday, I designed a baby quilt.  I drew it up in 3 different colorways, since I need to make 3 different baby quilts.  Two of the babies are due in August, and one is due in September. 
all three baby quilts

These will be larger baby quilts (40 x 60).  Yesterday and today, I cut all three quilts out.
3 quilt kits, cut out

Now to get stitching on these.  One of these (the blue one) will be for our grandson, due in August.  


  1. Even though a small show, it still packs a big punch. Love when there are historical local quilters honored even if their work was never finished. Three kits ready - wow - you stitch on!

  2. Thanks for sharing the quilts and some of the stories. Knowing about the quilts makes me appreciate them so much more. Love the 92-year old mother needing a sewing project! I really like the background for the baby quilts. Looks like you are ready to put the pedal to the metal! ~Jeanne

  3. Wow, interesting features here.....all the hand work too. Love all the variety you shared.

  4. Some great quilt 'eye candy' for sure. The button treatment was a nice difference and some of those hand pieced quilts were pretty amazing! I have a baby quilt to make too. But it will be delayed until after my trip north!

  5. Thanks for the photos. Lots of ideas. Sounds like you had an inspirational and fun time.

  6. Ooooh I like what I see of these baby quilts you are working on!

  7. Thanks for showing all the quilt pictures. I especially like that first one with all the embroidery. So much work!

  8. Thanks for the walk through the quilt show. Haven't been to one since I moved here
    Love your design for baby quilts... you've a bunch to make.

  9. I really like the states quilt and the Eagle Scout quilt.

  10. WOW, wow, and WOWee!! Gorgeous quilts, so many different styles and colors. Looks like you had a wonderful time getting to see them all.
    Traveling Suitcase

  11. Wow, love that quilt show! I love those little shows with all the interesting old the "make do" and the unfinished one. And, the OBW panel! I did that exact panel into a OBW to see. And, you have three baby quilts cut out! Good job :-).

  12. Forgot to comment on that quilt with all the States...thanks for the closeup to see that those were all embroidered! What a great quilt.

  13. So many beautiful quilts but I'm drawn to that raffle quilt. Must be the chain!


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