Monday, June 1, 2020

Quilt Guild Meeting

My little quilt guild had it's monthly meeting this afternoon.  We moved it up a couple of hours so that it would be daytime, and also moved it to the parking lot so that we'd be 'socially distanced'.  We had 8 of our ladies in attendance (we only have 17 members).
more than 6 feet apart
 We can't really have a program when we are outside, but we chatted and had show-n-tell.  It was windy, so my photos aren't that great, sorry.

Jeanette made a bag between all the face masks she's been making.

Marilyn showed off her 'All About Me' quilt.  Marilyn loves tea.

Marilyn also made a block for a mini quilt for another group.  I love her sewing machine block.

Jo held up my quilts since I was taking the photos.  I had several baby quilts to show off (some finished, some still works in progress).

I also brought the 2nd toilet paper quilt.  This one is for me, but I still need to quilt it.

I brought my 'All About Me' quilt. (better photo here).  They showed it sideways so that it wouldn't drag along the ground.

Marlene also showed her 'All About Me' quilt.  Her hubby helped with this quilt by doing all the embroidery blocks.  I have several up close photos showing some of  embroidery blocks of things that mean something to her.

Jo had to quilt tops to show.  The first one is salt water taffy.

Kandy showed off a quilt she made using another member's aunt's Dresden Plate blocks.

Kandy also showed off her 'All About Me' quilt.  It has dancing, painting, knitting, sewing, gardening and motorcycles in the quilt.

Kandy also made a poinsettia quilt and some cute chicken hot pads.

Hopefully soon the guild will be able to have our meetings indoors again. 


  1. Another mini quilt show to go with my coffee this morning. How fun that you got to have a parking lot meet!

  2. Oh how I miss being with my quilting friends... thanks for sharing your gathering with us. I love Marlene's quilt with 9 patches and embroidery blocks!

  3. How nice that you got to see your quilting friends! Thanks for all the pictures and inspiration.

  4. love this idea. maybe we can do this with our small group too will mention this to our leader for end of june meeting
    great guilts.

  5. I'm sure it was a fun meeting, especially since you probably haven't seen each other for a while! And what gorgeous things all the ladies have made; well done everybody!

  6. Wow, those quilts are beautiful and how fun to do this with your small group! We hope to do something like that too when we are allowed to meet in larger numbers...not til summer at least! Love the embroidery squares! Very fun. And, your baby quilts turned out lovely!

  7. What a fun meeting, hope that wind didn't make it too chilly for you. Such a lot of lovely quilts for show and tell, and I particularly like your two star baby quilts.

  8. So neat to meet in the street. Good for all of you and what a show and tell. Fantastic! My spin group meets tomorrow for the first time. I hope it's nice to spin on the porch. Stay safe and be well. Thanks for visiting my not often posting these days. Appreciate you.

  9. Looks like a fun meeting. Lots to show after quarantine.

  10. It's SEW awesome that your group opted to meet in the parking lot!! My group is doing Zoom meetings online.

  11. What fun! I miss my old quilt group and those who are left have not met since the first of the year. All those show and tell things are quite inspiring. Wish I could have been there to hear the conversations.

  12. That was fun! Thanks for sharing - I can almost imagine I was there, oohing & ahhing along with the group!

  13. Very nice! I enjoyed the guild’s show & tell!

  14. How fun is that!!! and what a great way to all get together !!

  15. What a good idea! And those quilts are all fun. I like the All About Me idea.


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