Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Couple of Finishes

I finished my nieces graduation quilt top on Saturday (National Quilting Day).  The colors in the picture are not very good, sorry.  You can check the blog post about her quilt (above) to see the true colors in the quilt.
Ashley's quilt top
I dropped this off at the long arm quilters this morning.  Woohoo!

As soon as I finished the quilt top, I started on a bag.  I bought the pattern at Sewing, Etc. in Yorkville, last month.  I also got the plastic screening and the handle webbing there.  The fabric is from my stash.
 I will get around to making the zippered pouches soon.  They use the parts of the plastic screening that are cut off for the purse.  No waste!

finished bag

inside of finished bag
I didn't have any black elastic, and the pattern shows white elastic.  I did add it on both ends, instead of just one end.  I haven't made a bottom for this (not required, but, they do give instructions, if you want to add it).  I might make a bottom at a later date.  So far, it sits nicely.  We'll see, when I add lots more stuff to the bag. 

I did discover that making a large bag, like this one, on a Featherweight, isn't easy.  There just isn't enough room under the arm.  Still, I might make the next one on Betty Sue, anyways.  She stitched thru all the layers like a champ.  Tiny stitches on all the plastic screening, to make sure it caught.
Betty Sue
I have more plastic screening and more handle webbing, so, I can make another bag.  I'm thinking of adding a zipper to the long sides of the bag.  It would have to be done at the end, since you have to sew the handle webbing all the way to the top of the bag.  I think it's doable. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

New bags & Machines

I've been making some bags for a functional bag exchange with Treadle On.  These bags have to be made on a people powered sewing machine (treadle or hand crank).  Not a problem for me.  My problem is which machine to make them on, since I do have quite a few options. 

I made one of the bags, a grocery bag, at the quilt show last weekend.  I used decorator weight fabric, and stitched it on the 1914 Singer 66k with lotus decals. 
stitching on the bag, during the show
I didn't have a pattern, I just copied one of the grocery bags that I use.  I did make the straps go all around the bottom of the bag, instead of just attaching them to the top.  I figured it would be stronger that way.  It made for 9 layers of fabric, where the ends meet, on the bottom of the bag.  Not a problem for this machine. 

This is the finished bag.
grocery bag
I made a bottom for this bag, to give it extra support.  I used plastic mesh, then covered it with matching fabric.
plastic mesh

bottom bag insert
I can make up to 5 bags for the functional bag exchange.  I decided to make another bag, and a matching one, for hubby.  I used the Box Bag pattern that I got from the Sewing & Quilting Expo 2 years ago.  This is a simple pattern.  I do find it easier to make, if the zipper is much longer than what the pattern calls for.  That way, you don't have to stop, and move the zipper while sewing. 

I made this bag using silnylon, that I'd found a while back, at the thrift store.  I've been meaning to make hubby more stuff sacks, but, he requested this bag instead.  My son had made him one, a couple of years ago, and it is his favorite bag.
Box Bags
Hubby wanted the green zipper, since he is a BSA Venturing Crew leader, and, green and yellow are Venturing colors.  The one with the brown zipper will be for the functional bag exchange.

I doubt I'll make any more bags for the exchange, simply due to lack of time.  I found that sewing on this silnylon was pretty easy.  I figured it would be more difficult, since my son had had some trouble with it.  We both decided that it is easier using a hand crank, instead of a motorized machine, since I could go slower, and leave the pins in (less slipping that way).  I don't have zig zag on my hand cranks, so, I just stitched each part 3 times, to make sure they were reinforced. 

When I recovered my sewing chair, I had some scraps of quilted fabric left over.  I didn't want to waste it, and, yesterday, I figured out what to do with it.  I made a glasses case.  It was my 'leaders and enders' project while making the Box Bags.
glasses case
Last night was quilt guild.   A lady from the guild gave me 2 sewing machines.  Woohoo!  I hadn't gotten a new, vintage machine since January.

The first machine is in a cabinet.  The top of the cabinet looks like it has been refinished.  The machine is a 1922 Singer 66 with Red Eye/Red Head decals, made at the Elizabethport factory in Elizabeth, NJ.  It is a back clamp, and is missing the bobbin slide plate (easy to get).  It is electric, but, when I clean it, it will be converted to a hand crank.  Someone else from the guild may have claimed the cabinet already (if it fits her vintage Pfaff).  If she doesn't get it, then I'll keep this cabinet.  It's nice.
1922 Singer 66 #G9279616 back clamp

top of cabinet
The other machine is not in good condition.  It is a class 15 machine (copy of a Singer 15), made in Japan after WWII.  The presser bar is totally stuck.  It is also missing the foot.  The wires have been cut to the light and the motor (scary wiring).  Lots of stuff has been taped to the machine.  I'll try to clean this and see if I can get everything moving. 
Japanese series 15 machine

with all the electrics out of the way
This machine came with 2 manuals, neither of which go with this machine (Singer manual, and Kenmore accessories manual). 
The case for this machine is in very sad shape.  I'll see if I can repair it, and make it sturdy.  If so, then I'll recover the outside of the case, to make it pretty again.
case is coming apart
Saturday is National Quilting Day!  I'll be at the church Ladies Craft Day, working on a quilt.  What will you be doing?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Quilts in the quilt show, and, recognition!

Some people have told me that I should have posted pictures of my quilts, even though most of you have seen them already.

First is Intertwined, the quilt I made for my son's wedding, last spring.  
Intertwined, my son's wedding quilt

up close of Erika's quilting

here is the back of Intertwined
Unfortunately, since there were so many quilts this year, they couldn't hang the quilt where the back could be seen, too.  There were some white glove ladies, who helped to show the back of the quilt.

This is my Guild Challenge quilt
Free Trade, guild challenge quilt
Next is the hiking mini quilt I made hubby for Christmas
hubby's hiking quilt
I also entered the 2nd Leg Lamp quilt I made.  The first was made for my step-father, and the 2nd one has been claimed.  Betty will get this in the next few weeks.  Sorry, for some reason, I can't find a good photo of this quilt.  For some reason, the photos I have on the blog are distorted.  I guess I need to take another one.
Leg lamp quilt
I also put two 'projects' in the quilt show.  First, one of the many sewing machine mats that I've made in the past year or so.
sewing machine mat
and last, but not least, one of the sewing caddies I've made.

sewing caddy
Yes, all of these projects were made on my 1959 Singer Spartan hand crank sewing machine.

I told Timeless Treasures about the sewing chair that I recovered, using their faux selvage fabric.  Well, they have now posted about my sewing chair on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   How cool is that!?!?!?  I'm not even on any of those things (I just blog, boring, I know).
sewing chair, recovered in Timeless Treasures faux selvage fabric
The fabric for the chair was quilted on this treadle.
Post WWII Japanese treadle 'Victor'

Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 Pride of the Prairie Quilt Show

My large quilt guild, Pride of the Prairie, had it's quilt show this past weekend.   I got a booth at the show, to show off some of my vintage sewing machines.  This is the third time I've had a booth at this show.  It is sew much fun to chat with people about vintage machines.  NO, I don't sell any machines at the show, but, I do give people help in where to find parts, etc, for their vintage machines.

Here are the pictures of the machines I took to the show this year.
1927 Singer 15 (back) & 1923 Singer 128 (front)

1923 Singer 128 & Necchi toy

early 1900's Gritzner VS

1925 Singer 99 (Tinkerbell)

1949 Singer 66 (Godzilla finish)

1880 Willcox & Gibbs

1948-53 Necchi BF Mira & Betsy Ross toy

1948 Singer 201-2 (front) 1954 Singer 301A (back) & several toy machines

1950's Illinois DeLuxe (front) & 1960's Precision 'Home Mark' (back)

1939 Singer Featherweight 'Betty Sue' (front) & 1921 Singer 66 (back)

1881 Singer 12 treadle head & Singer toy machines
I stitched a bit during the show, in between chatting about vintage machines (more chatting, less sewing).  I made a grocery bag for a functional bag exchange with my Treadle On group.
1914 Singer 66k back clamp machine (Lotus decals), sewing on my grocery bag
I also took a treadle, and my new sewing chair. 
Post WWII 'Victor' Japanese treadle in a parlor cabinet, with my new sewing chair
There were also quilts at this quilt show.  I didn't take pictures of all of them.  There were so many quilts this year that the quilts were spread out from one end of the school to the other end (where I was). 

by Eileen Dierks, quilted by Erica Barrett

HUGE quilt, tiny squares
by Sharon Nichols, quilted by Sue Pawlowski

by Chris Schwarz

 Little bitty stars.
by Lynn Poulos

More piecing than I want to do.
by Alice Krzak, quilted by Nancy Mancke

by Eileen Diercks quilted by Erica Barrett

 Such tiny pieces!
by Lynn Poulos

by Janet Woratschek, quilted by T&F Quilting

 I love pinwheels and bright colors!
by Emily Tracy, quilted by Nancy Mancke

by Aniela Levin, quilted by Sue Pawlowski
 I loved this modern take on Dresden plates.
by Pat Herman, quilted by Darrell Herman

by Laura Eggers, quilted by Elvira Illg
 Another modern take on Dresden Plates.

by Alice Krzak, quilted by Nancy Mancke

by Terri Karls, quilted by Frank Karls
 I had to take a picture of this one for my son, the Star Wars guy.

by Lolly Adolfson, quilted by Basketcases Unlimined
 Cute baby quilt
by Lynn Bogue, quilted by Anne Spiotta

by Anita Marsh

up close of Anita's quilting

 I loved this Bible story quilt.

by Shirley Contreras
 This quilt won Viewers Choice.  It was pieced and quilted by the lady who quilted my son's wedding quilt.  It was next to my son's wedding quilt, too.
by Erica Barrett

viewers choice for Erica's quilt

by Jo Sheppard

 This quilt fits me to a 'T'!!!
by Diane Sandberg
 Love the doll dresses

by Sue Baldwin

by Sharon Thomsen
 These next quilts are from the Guild Challenge.  We had to draw a block out of the hat, and make a mini quilt, using that block somewhere in the quilt. 

Broken Star block by Barbara White

Rainy Day block by Beth Higgins

Square in a Star block by Marion Bond

Jack-in-the-box block by Anita Marsh

Louisiana Twist block by Sharon Zabransky

More quilts from the show...
by Sharon Smith, quilted by Erica Barrett

by Beth Higgins

 Gee, I bet you can't figure out why I included this one ;)
by Annette Bailey

by Peggy Nordentoft, quilted by Blue House quiltig

by Lana Stafford

 Owls are so cute!
by Peggy Young

by Terri Karls, quilted by Frank Karls
 Here are the last few entries.

I wish you could see this stocking up close.  It is so much better in person.  The stitching is lovely!  What an heirloom.
by Carol O'Dell

by Marion Bonds
 And last, but not least....

by Nan Connors
 I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  We had over 300 entries, so, this is just a sampling. 

PS:  I had 6 entries in the quilt show, but, you've seen all my stuff before.